Monday, January 2, 2012

A Little Review of 2011

January 2011
Rang in the New Year by taking a leisurely drive down to Oregon
Worked and took classes
It was cold and there was a lot of snow

February 2011
Both of us started classes (Carson had 27 credits, I had six)
I worked full time
My phone decided to fall into the toilet and survived the adventure
We celebrated our first Valentine's Day
We took pictures as the "Reilly Family"

March 2011
We got new furniture for the living room
We housesat for a couple in our church
We went to Sandpoint, ID for Spring Break

April 2011
Carson's parents came to visit
I used my new sewing machine

May 2011
I put my two week's notice in to my job (and ended up staying an extra two weeks)
We both ran Bloomsday
We celebrated one year of marriage
Carson graduated from Moody Bible Institute!

June 2011
Carson moved to Naches for the summer
We learned that we don't say goodbye well
I got a roommate for that time
I was recruited to teach at VBS

July 2011
I celebrated the 4th of July in Hayden, ID
The Reilly Girls had another girls' night
We spent time in Olympia 
I went to Pennsylvania and saw family and Jillian

August 2011
Erica became my roommate for the month of August
I attended Josie and Chris' wedding in Montana
We attended Catherine and Levi's wedding later that week
I started school full-time

September 2011
Carson moved back to Spokane
We celebrated Rachel's birthday with a pool party
John and Rachel got engaged and we went dress shopping
I was creative again

October 2011
We went on the Reilly Retreat
We dressed up for Halloween
Molly, Erica and I were the 3 Blind Mice

November 2011
The leaves changed 
We had our first foot of snow
We were married for a year and a half
We celebrated Thanksgiving

December 2011
School ended and my grades didn't suffer
Carson turned 25
We celebrated Christmas just the two of us
We traveled to Pennsylvania for Christmas

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