Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Thanksgiving this year was interesting. I had food poisoning (from turkey lunch meat! oh, the irony!).
I wasn't feeling well just before Carson left for the Wednesday evening Thanksgiving service
And so I asked to stay home. 
Good idea... thirty minutes after he left...
Let's just say I'm glad I was near a toilet and not sitting in a pew. 
Wednesday night was not fun. 
Neither was Thursday morning. 
The afternoon was better, but I was so tired from... well, you know. 

Here I am last Wednesday, making pies. 
This was (obviously) pre-food sickness kicking in. 
I was feeling grossed out by the smell of the pie crust baking. 
In fact that's what I thought made me feel sick.

 The crust collapsed. But it didn't burn, and that was the idea.

After Thanksgiving dinner. 
Not a result of how much we ate.
(I actually remarked that we "offended Thanksgiving" by the few bites we took)
But a result of how we felt... he wasn't sure if it was the flu or what... but he was sick too

A thanksgiving picture. Not our finest, but we do look cozy!

Both not feeling great, we went to bed at 7pm. 
Because we got up at 10:30pm for Black Friday shopping. Here we are at WalMart:

And after the WalMart trip, we went back to bed until 7:30am.
It was supposed to be 3:30 but we accidentally set the alarm four hours later.
We went to Target, Staples, and a few other stores.
It was nice shopping while it was still light out.

Oh! Here's the actual front of our building. We enter on the back side.

As you know, it was a snowy weekend. 
(And yes, Carson always opens the door for me. Without fail [unless he's not there or his hands are full or I'm just jumping out]. What a gentleman!)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Half!

For our six-month anniversary, I made a cake.
I had a great idea to make a round layer cake and cut it in half because we've been married for half a year.
I don't have round cake pans though so forget that!

I used this mix that I already had

And instead used chocolate chips to make the "1/2". 
It looked too much like an equation so I grabbed a cupcake liner and wrote "happy"
And there you have it,
Happy 1/2!

Carson may or may not have forgotten about it. 
Mondays are busy.
And how important are half anniversaries to boys anyway?
We were tired when we got home, so he admired and we went to bed.
But before work and school the next morning, we dug in.

And of course, I asked for a picture. 

And that was how we celebrated!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

o, the weather outside is frightful!

Last Sunday, I saw this as I walked to church:
(that's snow. better seen in real life. but it was falling.)

As we walked back from church, this was the same view from our porch 
(ps - the building on the upper right is our church. it would literally take longer to drive than to walk)

We were happy that it was sticking

So happy that we adopted an old roommate's tradition of "first snow ice cream".
A worthy tradition.

This was my walk to the car for work the next morning. 
Carson had pre-scraped the car. That's it with just a little dusting of icy snow. 

And this was my view as Carson scraped ice off the windshield wipers that evening

The church looked glorious covered in snow

And so did Hillyard, the place we went to get our snow tires put on
(it was below zero this day)

We looked like Rudolph's cousins, but the lighting hid that as we walked frozen streets

And then returned to the tire shop for warmth

The next day, we purchased gas. Carson took this picture to show me how frozen things were.

And as we drove Carson to work, this was an unplowed side street, yesterday
6 inches overnight, snow falling fast after that. 12 or so inches this week.

We followed that up with some grocery shopping. Our car is under there somewhere.
Not really. This is a pile of plowed snow. 
And that's not the moon in the background.

O, the weather outside is frightful
But the fire (or radiator) is so delightful
And since we've no place to go
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


It's our first Thanksgiving as a married couple! And already starting off to be interesting :)
How? Well, on Tuesday, I ate a turkey and cheese sandwich that Carson made. I hadn't realized that we still had that turkey in the fridge, which was possibly a huge clue that I shouldn't have placed it in my mouth.
After feeling funny on Wednesday, having zero appetite, and being totally grossed out by the smell of pumpkin pie baking (weird), I decided to skip the Thanksgiving Eve service. Good thing too, because not thirty minutes after Carson walked out the door, up came everything I'd eaten in the last 30 hours, which wasn't much. I visited the bathroom a few more times last night and am finally feeling better this morning.

I've learned my lesson though: Don't eat questionable food from the fridge!

Moving along...

We are quite thankful today! We've been blessed in SO many ways that I'm sure getting them all down won't happen. Here goes:

- Thankful for snow tires
- Thankful for SNOW (my first white holiday!)
- Thankful for our jobs
- Thankful for six months of marriage!
- Thankful for the ability to go to school
- Thankful for our church family
- Thankful for a place to live (and the people who live on our hall)
- Thankful for a car that is dependable (and now can drive on the icy streets without freaking me out!)
- Thankful for our parents
- Thankful for our siblings, siblings-in-law, and nieces (the one we have and the one who will be here soon!)
- Thankful for not being sick this morning!
- Thankful for friends, many far away, and many who are right here with us
- Thankful for a place to spend Thanksgiving
- Thankful for our relationships with Jesus Christ, the security and freedom we have there, and the growth we experience through Him.

We really have much to be thankful for today, and the rest of the year.
I love that we have a day set aside to consider all that God has done, and to spend that with people we love.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Life with the Bays

It's time for a post with pictures from our day-to-day lives! Nope, it may not be the most exciting post you'll set your eyes on, but at least you'll know that we actually spend time at home. 

Here's one of the two pies I made. It settled down into a normal looking pie (maybe they all do this, I don't really know).

Carson has told me time and time again that he doesn't take naps. But apparently, that's a thing of the past and his old age is catching up to him. I've found him napping several times lately. I caught this moment when I came home one afternoon. An open book was on the floor beside him. I'm glad sleep overcame him - he's always on the go!

Here's Carson recording OT grades on Blackboard, wearing a ridiculous fleece viking hat. He loves it. I, um, don't. I say nice things about it though like "Wow, I'm sure you're warm with that on!" He's got a thing for hats which I don't understand at all. I dislike most hats without much reason (or because they all look ridiculous on me) so I'm not hugely fond of any hat, let alone one with horns. 

And here's a picture to show you the difference between Lindsay with straightened hair and Lindsay without. You're welcome.
Ps- that's Carson's school picture from this year framed on the side table. Want a copy? 

Here's our living room from where I sat on the couch one night. It's taken on a few improvements since you last observed it.

And here's my attempt to get into the Christmas spirit a little early: 
Pandora holiday stations and doodling Christmas words.

Monday, November 22, 2010

It Wasn't Love at First Sight

It was not love at first sight. 
It was actually kind of painful. 
The getting dressed up was fun. The shopping and curling and painting and primping. That part.

The awkwardness of going on date, dressed really nice, with someone you really didn't know all that well or, honestly, feel any attraction toward? Doing it because you didn't know how to say no? Not being a conversationalist and having to think of small talk?
 That was a little painful. 
But there he was, at my door, with a big smile on his face (a nervous smile, I've since learned) and blue flowers that he'd hoped would match my dress. They did. 

It wasn't love at first sight. 

But something happened, because two weeks later, he was my boyfriend. 
That didn't last so long, and three months after that, he was my fiance. 
Twelve months and twenty days from that first date, we became husband and wife. 
 That was six months ago. 
Half a year ago. 

I'm happy to report that life is not painful, awkward, nerve-wracking or embarrassing. 
Luckily, it was just that first date. 
Well, and the first couple weeks after that.
But marriage has been wonderful. We're learning a lot, growing, and loving it. 
Happy half-year to us!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Girl Time

Our schedules are less than ideal. By this, I mean only that when one of us is off work or school, the other person isn't, and vice versa. Last week, Carson had Wednesday off school and I got Thursday off, which happened to be our longest two days. Bummer. 

One slightly good thing about this is that when Carson's at work (that would be Saturday and Monday nights), I'm not working, so I can hang out with friends! 
Included are pictures from recent and not-so-recent times I've had:

Tomato Street with Molly and Erica. I was quite sick this day, totally couldn't smell, let alone taste, my meal. But we still had good conversation and when I felt a little better the next day, my leftovers tasted amazing!

After-babysitting Taco Bell run with Rach. She was craving it and I really like those cinnamon twist things so why not? (also had a Diet Pepsi, which is my staple drink these days if I can't find Diet Coke)

Girl's Night! Not the most attractive of pictures; I think this was the weekend we ALL had colds. But CTR had a men's retreat so we Reilly Building females took advantage and had a movie night: You've Got Mail.
Isabel, Catherine, Rachel, Lindsay, Sydney

 Value Village with Rachel. This picture proves that I can't wear cool tones or puffed sleeves and that the wrong shape of pants can make even tiny Rachel... not look so tiny. We were halloween costume shopping.

Post-ridiculous get-up, we decided to take a picture in our normal clothes!

This was back when it was warm! Pig Out In the Park with Erica and a couple of her roommates. Yummy Gyros.

This was taken the first day of school. Carson and I met Josie and Chris at Service Station. She moved back to Montana to attend school but she's still a great friend! Good fellowship :)

And finally, Molly's bridal shower! I've lived with three of these girls in past semesters, part-time lived with one of them, hang out with another from time to time, and met the other that day! A fun party to celebrate Molly! 
Heather, Jaimie, Molly, Angela, Ashley, Erica, Lindsay

All that to say... I just felt like putting up some pictures! 
A real, true post coming soon!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

That Time of Year

Decorating, music, seasonal foods, and that sort of thing....

Pumpkin pie provides little temptation for me. I made 2 this morning (thanks, Costco sized cans of pumpkin) to take to dinner with friends (and one for the house, I guess) and they smell really good, but it's not even close to tempting me. It's among Carson's favorite pies though and he bought some Reddi-Whip to go with it - also something I don't like. Yay for seasonal goodies that I can take or leave :)

Been listening to Christmas music on Pandora. I've mixed my four different holiday stations so no genre gets old.

Meanwhile, I'm wishing for a candle or Wallflower in Fresh Balsam from Bath and Body Works. LOVED it last year and still loving it. I don't love the usual "spicy" Christmas scents. This one is fresh and smells like a Christmas tree. Maybe I'll break down and buy one. They really pile on the sale options...

We have purchased ONE Christmas gift. No big deal, but we are going to be in Beaufort in three weeks and hope to have all Beaufort family gifts wrapped and ready at that time.

My dollar store fake fall leaves in my lovely glass centerpiece bowl from Crate and Barrel are my favorite. I bought little fake pumpkins and gourds too and have set them around to hopefully point visitors to the fact that we CAN decorate for holidays. Not that they care; but I do. Thank goodness we're on a "Let's save as much as we can" or I'd be going all out.

I've been having fun scheming about what to make and buy for Christmas. And just make in general. In the past few months, I've seem my creative mind work overtime. It's been nice. Follow-through isn't always great though.

Thanksgiving is in TWO weeks! In true Carson and Lindsay fashion, we don't have for-sure plans, but we're still hoping to gather friends and maybe some Moody kids we don't know all that well for a potluck/ buffet thing here. I want to spend time in the kitchen! Saw green bean casserole makings on the end of an aisle in Safeway the other day and I was SO tempted to buy them. It's one of my very favorite Thanksgiving foods.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Life isn't about me...

I spilled a bottle all over myself and a baby today.

That's like the tagline of how my day went. It wasn't the best day ever. Not bad, per se, but the formula smell seeping through my clothing really captures the essence of the day. Everyone was fussy, everyone in a weird mood. No one slept long enough. And perhaps I really DO mean everybody, employees included.

Those kinds of things don't make or break the day though.

They really don't even define it. They're just things that happened. Things I don't have to go home to and live with, but things I leave behind when I've punched the time card. I like that. Not that I wouldn't love to have a kid of my own (some day), but I'm glad that I don't have eight babies ranging in age from 3-12 months. Not that it's possible, I'm just glad.

Relatively, this was not a bad day. Certainly not ideal. But I'm (re)learning that life isn't about me.

These babies will learn it someday. For now, they cry when they're hungry, sleepy, want to be held, or have a "surprise" for me to change.

Me? Life can't be about me, because that's really not who I am. Not who I should be. As a job, I get paid to serve little babies. As part of life, I shouldn't be paid to have others first. It should indeed be who I am as a child of God.

Serving my family (which is just my husband for now), God, and those around me is what I should do, joyfully, with love. It should come from a thankful heart.

I know these things. I feel like I've known them forever. But they're truths that are finally seeping into my thick head mind as I read the word and hold babies all day.

Totally corny, but I hope this is a truth that seeps in and sets just as that formula smell.

... Speaking of, I think it's time for a  shower...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Autumnal Colors

This has been a breathtaking season. 
Oohing and ah-ing over trees as they change color. 
Taking in the crisp air and the sweater and jacket-wearing weather. 
It's lovely.


The colors are amazing...








Fall footwear

Gorgeous day

Crunchy leaves


Monochromatic Yellow.

A kiss

A wonderful fall day at Manito Park
Just before the weather freezes
To see the spectacular show of brilliant colors. 
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