Thursday, November 11, 2010

That Time of Year

Decorating, music, seasonal foods, and that sort of thing....

Pumpkin pie provides little temptation for me. I made 2 this morning (thanks, Costco sized cans of pumpkin) to take to dinner with friends (and one for the house, I guess) and they smell really good, but it's not even close to tempting me. It's among Carson's favorite pies though and he bought some Reddi-Whip to go with it - also something I don't like. Yay for seasonal goodies that I can take or leave :)

Been listening to Christmas music on Pandora. I've mixed my four different holiday stations so no genre gets old.

Meanwhile, I'm wishing for a candle or Wallflower in Fresh Balsam from Bath and Body Works. LOVED it last year and still loving it. I don't love the usual "spicy" Christmas scents. This one is fresh and smells like a Christmas tree. Maybe I'll break down and buy one. They really pile on the sale options...

We have purchased ONE Christmas gift. No big deal, but we are going to be in Beaufort in three weeks and hope to have all Beaufort family gifts wrapped and ready at that time.

My dollar store fake fall leaves in my lovely glass centerpiece bowl from Crate and Barrel are my favorite. I bought little fake pumpkins and gourds too and have set them around to hopefully point visitors to the fact that we CAN decorate for holidays. Not that they care; but I do. Thank goodness we're on a "Let's save as much as we can" or I'd be going all out.

I've been having fun scheming about what to make and buy for Christmas. And just make in general. In the past few months, I've seem my creative mind work overtime. It's been nice. Follow-through isn't always great though.

Thanksgiving is in TWO weeks! In true Carson and Lindsay fashion, we don't have for-sure plans, but we're still hoping to gather friends and maybe some Moody kids we don't know all that well for a potluck/ buffet thing here. I want to spend time in the kitchen! Saw green bean casserole makings on the end of an aisle in Safeway the other day and I was SO tempted to buy them. It's one of my very favorite Thanksgiving foods.

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  1. Oh your festive thoughts do inspire me. I want to decorate more. I mean, I want to decorate. :P


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