Saturday, November 20, 2010

Girl Time

Our schedules are less than ideal. By this, I mean only that when one of us is off work or school, the other person isn't, and vice versa. Last week, Carson had Wednesday off school and I got Thursday off, which happened to be our longest two days. Bummer. 

One slightly good thing about this is that when Carson's at work (that would be Saturday and Monday nights), I'm not working, so I can hang out with friends! 
Included are pictures from recent and not-so-recent times I've had:

Tomato Street with Molly and Erica. I was quite sick this day, totally couldn't smell, let alone taste, my meal. But we still had good conversation and when I felt a little better the next day, my leftovers tasted amazing!

After-babysitting Taco Bell run with Rach. She was craving it and I really like those cinnamon twist things so why not? (also had a Diet Pepsi, which is my staple drink these days if I can't find Diet Coke)

Girl's Night! Not the most attractive of pictures; I think this was the weekend we ALL had colds. But CTR had a men's retreat so we Reilly Building females took advantage and had a movie night: You've Got Mail.
Isabel, Catherine, Rachel, Lindsay, Sydney

 Value Village with Rachel. This picture proves that I can't wear cool tones or puffed sleeves and that the wrong shape of pants can make even tiny Rachel... not look so tiny. We were halloween costume shopping.

Post-ridiculous get-up, we decided to take a picture in our normal clothes!

This was back when it was warm! Pig Out In the Park with Erica and a couple of her roommates. Yummy Gyros.

This was taken the first day of school. Carson and I met Josie and Chris at Service Station. She moved back to Montana to attend school but she's still a great friend! Good fellowship :)

And finally, Molly's bridal shower! I've lived with three of these girls in past semesters, part-time lived with one of them, hang out with another from time to time, and met the other that day! A fun party to celebrate Molly! 
Heather, Jaimie, Molly, Angela, Ashley, Erica, Lindsay

All that to say... I just felt like putting up some pictures! 
A real, true post coming soon!

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