Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How We Spent Halloween

Halloween was a few days ago, you may remember.

I generally like this holiday. The weird, evil, creepy stuff, I hate. Mostly, I go for the costumes and the candy. Because really, you don't get many times each year where you can look ridiculous and be rewarded with sweet stuff for doing so. So generally, I like Halloween.

And here is what we did!

First, there was the Halloween/Harvest Party at Kidz Club last Wednesday:

This is Bethany and Hayley, a marker (she had a cap too!) and Cindy-Lou-Who from the Grinch

Pumpkins were carved:

There was a little apple-bobbing:

And we dressed up too. Rachel was a nerd, and I was a teacher. 
I borrowed her "nerd" glasses for Kidz Club and returned them for her in Junior High, which follows. 

And Heidi didn't really have a costume, but she would make a cute farmer!

Then there was the Costume party on Saturday night hosted by some Moody students. The dressing up was fun...

Naomi wore an 80's formal and resembled a Steel Magnolias character. I donned my costume again. 

Jess was Carmen SanDiego  

Erica was a pirate (this is us "in character")

Angela and Ashley were tourists

It was honestly not so much fun (also, I'm not a huge party person unless I'm hosting. Love to entertain, hate to mingle and make small talk). Fun to see people I knew, but really not much to do. We were there for about 20-30 minutes. We DID stay in costume as we headed over to James' house to watch a movie. My first Alfred Hitchcock - Psycho. Completely freaky. This is the movie that makes us paranoid about checking behind the shower curtain.
What? You know you do it too!

Carson worked that night, otherwise, he'd have dressed up as well.

Sunday was super fun. After church, we went to some friends' house for chili and games and fellowship.  Since it was a wonderfully beautiful day, I suggested that we head up to Manito Park to look at leaves. We did and it was great. Simply beautiful. This is my favorite season but I know that in just a few weeks we'll have naked branches so we're soaking it up as much as we can!

[I'm going to give those pictures their own post. This one is heavy and I don't want to lose these pretty ones in the huge dump of pictures here]

As we returned from Manito, we stopped by to pick up two movies. Then we carved our pumpkins. Time budgeting didn't work so well that day, so we didn't roast the pumpkin seeds, though I love doing that. Carson gutted and threw away the insides in record time. Then we carved, sitting on the kitchen floor because it was the easiest to clean.

I had him make the same face as his pumpkin. He's quite obliging!

I was sad that I couldn't think of anything creative. So I opted for a regular faced pumpkin but added eyelashes. 

And we took a picture. What an amazing background, right? I cropped the dish rack out for the most part. 

We placed them in the window to give passersby a friendly Halloween "hello"

And yep, wouldn't be spending time together without the junk food. How do we not weigh 700 pounds? 

We watched scary movies because it was Halloween. Once again (and way more than the night before) I was so scared. I screamed into a pillow. When I'm with people who tend to be frightened in movies, I can be brave. When it's just me, I'm a big chicken. Carson laughed at me but acquiesced to my request to protect me. 
Ps - A note on the movies we watched:
 Hide and Seek = totally scary, do not recommend. Rear Window = not scary at all after the other one. Also, I learned that the "Horror" movie section of video rental places is utterly repulsive. If there's blood on the cover, can you imagine the film? Not a fan. 
Next year, we're renting It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

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