Sunday, September 30, 2012

Carson at School

 I couldn't think of a more creative title for this post, but here we go! Carson usually bikes to John Carroll and I either walk to work or take the car, but since it's a little out of the way, it's not often that we're both around the school. Finally, one day he asked if I'd like to meet him at school to watch a soccer scrimmage. Afterward, he showed me his department and his office!


This is his view (mostly you can see the roof, but I scrunched way in the corner to get this view instead)

Watching the soccer game

He's loving it at school, which you probably aren't surprised to hear. His performance in class is excellent and the professors that he works for love him. We're glad that we moved here so that he could have his opportunity to study. Carson is in his element, excited to have people to discuss ideas with - people who have read the same materials and know the arguments and ideas that he references. It's been really great so far!

Friday, September 28, 2012

We're Settling In!

This is just a post to keep you updated on the smaller things in life - the progress and setting up we're doing around here, what Carson thinks of school (spoiler: he loves it!), and the getting-our-licenses debacle. 

We have a Target right around the corner from our house. It's cati-corner from where I work and if we were to walk, it would take only ten or so minutes. Anyway, one of the things we think is SO amazing about this Target is that it's two-story so there's an escalator going up to the second floor. If you look closely though, you'll also notice that there's a little escalator just for the carts. We haven't needed to use it, but this basically makes the store for Carson and I and we're planning to use it soon.

And this was our first trip to Target, a fun purchase of sponges, toilet paper, a new garbage can and cleaning supplies, which we'd allowed to run out in Spokane so we didn't have to carry so much with us. Of course, buying all of those things at once made us want to cry when we saw the total, but it ended up alright.

Things are finally on the walls here. I've got a little more upstairs and still working away at it. Most of the pictures we have are small and the wall space here is wider, so it's hard to just put things up but I'm trying to find creative ways to use what we've got already. The "welcome" sign in this picture was a goodbye gift from a good friend in Spokane.

Carson in his element - in the library at John Carroll. He was prepared for this picture, as unlike that as it seems. I don't have pictures on my phone, he does, but he's got his own office there too, which is really neat! He's loving school.

What I've Been Doing
Working on things for Becca's wedding. I did little signs for the reception and wrote on a chalkboard of the order of the events... that's about the extent of my creative abilities but it was so fun to do!

Pizza Night
We decided to have a make-our-own-pizza night one night. Carson used tomato sauce on his, and mine was alfredo. Both topped with mushrooms of course - Carson calls them "mushies" which is so weird to me, but whatever.

Aaaaand after the pizzas came out, I wanted to take a picture. It was a hot day so Carson's wearing pants, just no shirt (hopefully you assumed that). This was actually day one of our license attempt.
 (That story: We brought the wrong proof of residence that day, so Carson could get his license, but we forgot to bring mail with my name. The second time we tried (we used our marriage license and a pay stub from my work), the camera was down and they couldn't take license pictures. So we ended up going to another DMV about 30 minutes away. Finally, the deed is done though.)
Rainy Days
We've had a number of rainy days here, which has brought on fall-like weather. Since it's still September, I'm not thrilled about this, but I'll admit that the crisp air is pretty nice.

Carson made dinner recently... he made his own "secret" pasta sauce... and made garlic bread from slices of sandwich bread. The only problem? Poor Carson thought that one box of pasta was two servings.

I made zucchini cakes recently, which we really loved. I used this recipe, minus the nutmeg. We thought that we might like these with ranch dressing mix or something similar to give it that "zing" the next time we try.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Becca's Wedding, Part Two

The morning of the wedding was bright and clear. There were only fluffy white clouds in the sky, the humidity wasn't suffocating, and birds were singing. It was a beautiful day. I woke up early to do a few wedding things before we dashed off in the car to Savannah to get ready.

Once we arrived, I noticed that Becca's wedding countdown had changed. 

And her dining room became full of pins, hairspray and curling irons.

It took a few tries to get her hair just right, but in the end she claimed to love it. Becca's tastes are so different from mine and I was worried that her hair would look like something I'd like and not something she loved. She tried to say that she loved it the first time, but Meagan wiggled the truth out of her and we started over. It was messy and sort of natural, but perfect for her. In the back, we put a dogwood pin that used to belong to Thomas' grandmother, the perfect "something old". 

Sometimes we look so alike that I see a picture of her and think it's me, sometimes we couldn't look more different. This day, we definitely looked the latter. Isn't she beautiful? 

There were a few hours between the getting ready and the getting married. The bride and bridesmaids took pictures in a park before the wedding, then went off to the church to relax before the ceremony. We sat there, got water, talked, and finally prayed with my parents before the time came to walk down the aisle. 

I loved the music they chose for the ceremony. It was by Fleet Foxes, whom I hadn't heard of before, but the instrumental versions especially (they had a guitarist) were beautiful and perfect. 

Becca was so calm before the wedding and right before she was SO excited. I was amazed at how surreal it felt to give her a hug before I walked down the aisle. For the first time, I felt like I could understand why people cry at weddings. 

When the doors opened and everyone stood for her entrance, Becca started to laugh. She was the happiest bride I think I've ever seen. She beamed down the aisle and started walking pretty fast, dragging dear old Dad along with her. 

 The ceremony went off without a hitch. The rings were present and accounted for (I wore Thomas' on my thumb), the vows (borrowed from her friend Meagan's wedding) were perfect, and suddenly, they were Mr and Mrs Mole! There was a kiss and then they beamed down the aisle. When we walked out after them, Thomas was telling Becca how beautiful she looked and how much he liked her dress, giving her a big hug. I think it was surreal for them too ;)

After the ceremony came pictures, of course. Carson took some while the real photographer was at work.

This was my brother's boutonniere. He found this dead dragonfly and added it. It's so him. The boutonnieres, by the way, have chicken feathers on them - how creative!

There were bridal party pictures taken in the park (Carson came too because I didn't think to secure a ride of my own, but he did get fun pictures, huh?).
Dresses:  Meagan's: Modcloth; Mine: Vera Wang White by David's Bridal; Jennifer's: Made by my mom!

And then we arrived at the reception. I don't have terrific pictures of the couple, because I was busy greeting family I hadn't seen since our wedding. But the reception details were so fun!

There was grilled chicken, wild rice pilaf, fruit, black bean salad, caprese salad and bread. So good! I ate like a barbarian. By that, I mean that I hadn't had time to eat much earlier in the day and I wasn't putting food into my mouth in a ladylike manner.

The cake. It was so Becca. That's one thing I kept hearing the whole night, "It's so Becca!" everything really was. Definitely reflected her in so many ways.

There wasn't supposed to be dancing other than B+T's first dance, but they'd chosen upbeat music for the reception and people couldn't help themselves, so there was dancing after all. I'm pretty sure someone else took over the music toward the end though, since "Cupid Shuffle" doesn't seem a very likely reception song unless dancing is intended. In other words, people really enjoyed themselves at this wedding. 

They got ready to go as the dancing wound down, said their goodbyes (everyone filed past them, hugging as they left before the grand exit, which was kind of fun)

And then they were off! 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Becca's Wedding, Part One

We arrived in Beaufort at about 10pm on Wednesday, three days before the wedding. I stayed up until 1am talking with Mom and doing various wedding related activities, mainly writing a sign proclaiming the order of events for the wedding. 

 On Thursday morning, I got up and practiced Mom's hair for the wedding. At 9am, I headed over to Emily's, where she showed off her Mary Kay skills and gave me a facial. It was fun and something we've never done before. We went downtown after that and met Ms. Stephanie for coffee at Common Grounds. At noon, I said goodbye and headed over the bridge to Ladys Island, where I had lunch with Grandmama. We chatted and reminisced and discussed outfits for upcoming weddings. Then I was off to Savannah. It was a busy day. 

When I got to Becca's, this is what I saw:

She and her good friend Meagan had spent the entire day decorating and baking in preparation for the shower that evening. The house smelled full of baking things... and then burning things, because the poor cookies in the oven were forgotten in my arrival. In any case, it was festive and fun inside.

At six, Becca's friends arrived. There was small talk as we sat around in the cozy living room. One friend suggested that we each share one thing that we love best about Becca. I was at a loss there. Not because I couldn't think of anything, but because I feel like I know a different Becca.

Before I go any further, allow me to explain. I haven't seen my sister in almost two years (and it's been over four years since we claimed the same address), and in the time that's passed, she's moved to a different place, made friends whom I've heard about but never met, and begun a life as the same person, but she's also changed. I knew this, of course, but as people arrived and greeted her and said things about her heart and her personality, I realized that they've seen my sister as she's grown up. I know the Becca that I grew up with. I remember her quirks, like never ever wearing shoes, and the fifty stuffed animals she slept with every night. I know more about her from our emails than I do from her in real life these days.

That's why I didn't know what to say. There was so much to say, and no way to say it. But basically, I was overwhelmed during the weekend - even though I was her matron (ugh, hate that word) of honor, I was struck by how little I knew this person who had become a WOMAN in the time since I'd last seen her. This should be its own post, clearly.

Anyway, there was also a sort of game where Meagan had asked Thomas questions about his relationship with Becca. Instead of making her guess his answers, we listened to Becca's own answers and then heard Thomas'. After that, gifts. This was a personal shower, so there aren't going to be any of those pictures shared here :)

Meagan and I spent the night with Becca. I was really tired, so I did what I tend to do when I'm really tired - talk a mile a minute. My poor sister. She probably wanted to throw something at my head, but she politely yawned as a hint instead. 

The next morning, Becca frosted her wedding cake. When we were planning our wedding, Carson and I talked about making our cake, but were talked out of it because we'd "be too stressed"... while that was probably true for us, it wasn't for Becca. She frosted away like it was no big deal. 

Once the cake was completed, Becca was adorned with this star crown and we headed off for lunch. We went to Green Truck, which is just down the street from her house and a favorite spot.

I think you can see why.

Lunch completed, we went to a place to paint pottery. Becca chose a plate, Meagan a vase, Jennifer a leaf plate and I a spoon rest. It was relaxing and neat to see so many different ways of painting each piece. The colors were also much more muted than they'll be once the pieces are fired, so that too will be a nice surprise.

After we'd painted, we went over to the church to set up tables, but Thomas had just finished doing it when we arrived. So we went back to the house and got ready for the rehearsal instead. Carson took a lot of pictures of that, but here are just two.

Next up: The wedding!
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