Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Today we've been married for a whopping TEN months! A year ago it felt like the wedding was forever away... it went so fast!

We have been house sitting for about a week now. It's really quite fun to stay in someone else's place... quiet, a little bit like a vacation, and a little bit closer to work for me!

It's mid-terms week! I didn't have any excruciating tests to take, but Carson did... he takes things like that so well though!

Carson's been studying for his GRE exams and looking into grad school programs.

Spring Break begins on Saturday! We want to go somewhere for a few days but haven't nailed down details.

We recently dressed up to go to a nice dinner and then didn't feel like it so much... so since we were dressed up, I made Carson smile for a picture after we went to a sketchy (but really yummy) calzone place instead (we intended to take it to go but they brought it on plates so we stayed).

Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

happy 52nd* anniversary
granddaddy and grandmama!
we love you so much and we hope that our marriage produces 
the kind of commitment and love we see in the two of you. 

* i think i calculated correctly. let me know if i'm right!

happy birthday!

Happy SIXTEENTH birthday

I for one cannot believe it's been that many years. I remember the days leading up to your birth and hearing that mom was in the hospital with you. And what I wore when I first met you.
We were a bit afraid to have a brother, as boys are mean (a sister quote) but you turned out to be pretty nice. Not a talker (most likely the result of having 2 sisters) but very fun to be with and SUCH a great sense of humor. I've never had another brother, but even so I'll venture to say that you have been the best one I could have asked for! You tolerated the only boy thing for awhile but now I'm so glad you have a brother-in-law with the same interests to hang out with. And he's glad too.

 love you, Scotty!

*all pictures taken during scott's visit with us last summer, except, of course, the last one. 
that was taken in 1995.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

owls, owls and more owls.

On my actual birthday, I worked a ten hour shift. 
I don't love "real world" birthdays. They feel un-special. 
But I digress. 
And Carson had flowers waiting for me when I got up in the morning. 
Tulips, my favorite.
After working, I went home and waited for Carson to finish youth group. 
Once he did, we sat down and I opened gifts from his parents and my grandparents 
(the red shirt day in the pictures below)
Then we had leftover cake.

The next day, we'd planned to dress up and go to dinner. 
But I worked over 10 hours that day, and we were both tired and took a raincheck instead. 
We went to Papa Murphys for a pizza and cookie dough.
[We baked the pizza and ate the dough.]
I opened my gift from him (the owl necklace) and from my mom (duffel bag).
 I think we watched a movie too, but I can't remember what it was. 
ps - the title: i got a LOT of owl stuff this year, just as I did for Christmas. The owl thing is something I may never live down...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

new furniture

One weekend, we decided that we needed new chairs.  
So we went to thrift stores. 
Second store, we found these:
I didn't love them but Carson did. He was madly in love "Lindsay, we are going to have these until we die" he said, proudly and emphatically. So they were paid for and loaded in the truck. 

Meanwhile, I decided to see what I would look like if I were to wear glasses.
We're all glad my vision is pretty good.

And then we went to Goodwill, found a dresser, purchased it, and headed home. 

Then began the task of rearranging our apartment. 
While previously, it was arranged like this:

We used our newer furniture to create this arrangement

And while the other side used to look like this...

This is the new set-up.
It looks more cluttered (but we don't care). It's much more functional. The table used to collect every single book and paper that came with us in the door. Now maybe we're just getting better because as I look at it this moment, the table is clear of all but my sewing machine. 

Friday, March 11, 2011

March 11th, 2009

Do you know what today is?

Go ahead and say no. I knew the answer before I asked. This is silly anyway.

Two years ago today, I was at school. It was a Wednesday. I was wearing a new green sweater (my birthday was two days before) and my hair was up. I'd given a speech that morning in my Speech Comm class before going to an all-worship chapel. That afternoon, I sat between Molly and Erica (my roommates) in Research Writing.

Classes at Moody are typically three hours long with a 20 minute break in the middle, so there's time to run home (if you live nearby), book it to a coffee shop, catch up with friends, or visit Facebook. The latter is what I was doing on that particular afternoon, and as I walked out of the computer lab, I was approached by Carson Day. {Not a typo on my part - I knew him so little that I thought that was his last name. He didn't form the "bumps" on his capitol letter "B" very well.}

This Mr. Day asked if I had a few moments of time to give him.
"Yes?" I was not sure what this was about.
"So, um, hey, did you hear about spring formal?"
"Yes." Hold on...do I know where this is going?
"Oh. Yeah, well, are you, um, seeing anyone?"
"Oh. So... would you like to go to Spring Formal with me?"
"Awesome! And there's a dance afterward so we could go to that too, or not -- not if you don't want to. And we could go with your roommates or whatever. I'm excited! Tickets haven't come out yet but when they do, I'll be the first in line! I'll let you know when I get them..."
"Okay! Well, see ya in class!"
"See ya."

We parted ways, him going downstairs, presumably to make certain that tickets weren't flying out the door and me to find my roommates. We spent a few minutes in the library rehashing the conversation and discussing its unforeseen occurance.

Then, we returned to class. I remember that it was a strange day. After class, I misplaced Molly and Erica and found myself waiting outside the library for them to reappear. Carson walked by and began to make small talk: "So, your dad's a mechanic?" "Nooo..." "Hm. Brian (his roommate - also in my Speech class, where I guess he got his information) said he was. He said he worked with cars." "Oh. Yeah, he works at a car dealership. So I guess he works with cars..." And it went on like that until the roomies returned and we had to go.

Later that week (the next day), he emailed me to ask me if I would go to hear a speaker at a church that was in Spokane. Oddly enough, it was the church I had been attending. He didn't know that at the time but it pleased him greatly. He wore a suit that was too short in the arms.

From that email though, I did discover that his last name was Bay.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

birthday party

Today is my birthday!
My plans today include working...and perhaps cleaning the church later tonight. 

But Sunday, we returned from our bi-weekly trip to Costco and Carson brought up this excellently wrapped specimen. In Christmas paper and electrical tape. 

Not so sure what it is...

A sewing machine! From Carson and my parents.

Later that evening, our small apartment housed around 20 friends for a birthday get-together for John, David and myself. 

We played "birthday wish telephone", a completely made up by Carson game where you pass around birthday wishes. They were terribly long and my memory is not the best. Neither was anyone else's and they ended up ridiculous.

Time for cake! John (beard), me, and David (guy next to me) were the birthday ones. 

The ice cream cake. The two leftover pieces are being saved for tonight.
You can see the incomplete "David" made by sprinkles. He was a last minute, "Oh, it's your birthday too?" so his name didn't get a gel icing-ed recognition. 
And John didn't turn 30... Carson's idea of a joke.

Our couch seats five.

Great friends - Erica and Angela (former roommate and former pseudo roommate)

After the party, we decided to watch Despicable Me in the Youth Warehouse. Very fun. Projector screen, funny movie, couches in a semi-circle. Izzy was super excited.

Carson and I

A game of four-square before the movie. I have never seen this played before. It confused me. 

So that was how my birthday WAS celebrated. 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

all dressed up

A few weeks back, the five of us Reilly girls decided to get dressed up and go out. 
The guys meanwhile took off and went to someone's house for pizza and a movie. They didn't take pictures, so just use your imagination. 

Getting ready

A foot shot before we left.

We wanted to go somewhere nice. Unfortunately, nice usually = expensive. So we went to Red Robin for dinner. We got some funny looks, but nothing too weird.

 Isabel and Rachel

The other side of the table: Heidi, me, Catherine

Afterward, we went to the Safari Room at the Davenport Tower for dessert. They have very share-able, tasty desserts.
Katja and I in the bathroom mirror

Our desserts came in shot glasses. We each got one and passed them around.

Everyone took pictures with the golden hippo in the foyer. There was a gold rhino nearby.

After dessert, we walked around the old hotel. It's a beautiful place.  
All dressed up!

Danced in an empty ballroom

This is the lobby

Yes, they were real!

We had Keith take this picture in the hall when we got back. 
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