Tuesday, March 15, 2011

new furniture

One weekend, we decided that we needed new chairs.  
So we went to thrift stores. 
Second store, we found these:
I didn't love them but Carson did. He was madly in love "Lindsay, we are going to have these until we die" he said, proudly and emphatically. So they were paid for and loaded in the truck. 

Meanwhile, I decided to see what I would look like if I were to wear glasses.
We're all glad my vision is pretty good.

And then we went to Goodwill, found a dresser, purchased it, and headed home. 

Then began the task of rearranging our apartment. 
While previously, it was arranged like this:

We used our newer furniture to create this arrangement

And while the other side used to look like this...

This is the new set-up.
It looks more cluttered (but we don't care). It's much more functional. The table used to collect every single book and paper that came with us in the door. Now maybe we're just getting better because as I look at it this moment, the table is clear of all but my sewing machine. 


  1. You now have the ability to cover those chair cushions with your new sewing machine. You can also spray paint the wood if honey pine isn't your thing. If you choose to spray paint, spray on primer first.

    Scott joked that he could win at debate if he had glasses that were bigger than those. Ginormous glasses seem to be on trend now among debaters. I guess the nerd look is returning.


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