Thursday, October 28, 2010

fro-yo friend date!

It seems like good conversation always occurs in the presence of food. Well, some sort of food that is. Whether it's coffee, popsicles, IHOP, or a happy meal, I love getting together with friends and chatting it up over food. 

Especially when it's sweet. It must make conversation sweeter also... 

So anyway, my hall-mate and friend, Rachel, decided that she needed to try the new fro-yo place in Spokane. I was definitely loving that idea, so we hopped down to the corner of 2nd and Division and partook in some yummy frozen yogurt.

All that goodness at the push of a lever... 
(the middle lever swirls the two flavors!)

Some of the toppings...

Rachel's happy fro-yo

Rachel's {happy} self

My tasty treat

Smiling because of the sprinkles. I'm all about sprinkles.  

A squish pic, mid bite

And after these pictures were taken, we spent about an hour in lovely conversation... all about life, God, goodness, relationships and frozen yogurt. Such a wonderful friend date.
And definitely NOT the last time you'll see pictures of this place.
We'll be back!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Our Wedding: Reception Finale

Such fun people came to our wedding! To be honest, most of them had never met Carson until that day, but that didn't stop people from enjoying themselves. I'm not sure how they felt, but Carson's family seemed to merge really well with all the Beaufort friends and family. I loved that they were all there together, dancing, chatting, eating, and celebrating with us. 

The Photographers. There were a LOT of cameras at this wedding. Many of the pictures seen here are from these lovely guests. 

As the evening drew to a close, I needed to go in the house for a bathroom break. I enlisted the help of my too-good-to-me maid of honor Brooke, and Jillian and Emily came too, for moral support and photography. I realized then that the four-inch heels I'd been wearing were killing my feet - and if you're wearing four inch heels, you'd better not plan on taking them off unless you'd like four extra inches of dirt on the bottom of your wedding dress. So my mom (who joined the party at sometime as well. The more the merrier.) advised us to go ahead and make a run for it. We weren't really planning on leaving at that moment, so I do regret not having that dance with my little brother that I'd promised and not saying goodbye to people. But anyway, someone was sent to round up Carson so that we could make our grand exit, and in the meantime, we took pictures in the house.

I think I was probably waving at bugs here. We weren't leaving... but the picture fits.

Only picture of the two of us looking at the camera and smiling. Oops.
We were off! Lavender in our hair, clothes, and all over my mom's Pilot. She's probably still vacuuming it up. 

Our Wedding: Details

Bridesmaid's Dresses were from Target. I made these tags to identify them, because obviously I had nothing else going on.

Guy's ties were mismatched green ties from Burlington Coat Factory. They also wore cuff links and shirts from Macy's. Their pants were from either Macy's or Men's Wearhouse. Carson's suit was from Men's Wearhouse.

My dress was from a bridal store in Spokane called Marcella's Bridal. I don't know the style.

My shoes were found at Nordstrom Rack, BP.
My blue hairpin was borrowed from Brooke
My garter was my something old - Mom made it with a piece of lace from her wedding dress.

My veil was from Marcella's Bridal

Earrings from JCrew

 Flowers done by Kelly Necker and Gaye McNair

I designed the programs and they were copied and put together by various wedding elves.

Carson's ring was from Amazon ($34!). It's Tungsten with a wood inlay. 
My engagement ring is from Harry Ritchie Jewelers, and my wedding band is an estate piece

My dad and brother made our cake toppers, modeled after some similar expensive ones I saw online. They're wood, with toothpick teeth and air soft pellet eyes with sharpie eye color. My mom made the veil.
Wedding cake from Publix

Friend of Mom's made the Groom's Cake. Red Velvet inside, a la Steel Magnolia

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