Monday, October 25, 2010

Our Wedding: Reception Part Two

Growing up, my friends and I would routinely gather in our yard and dance. When we moved into this house, people would just pull their cars into the backyard, blast the music, and we'd swing dance and have fun. 
Because of this, it was important to me to have an actual dance floor. I was afraid for some reason that without that, my wedding would seem too much like those high school dancing scenarios. 
Thankfully, someone's artistic vision set up lights and tables and actual speakers (no cars pulled into the yard), and it didn't remind me of high school once. But I still loved the checkerboard dance floor and it was well utilized throughout the night. Apparently, people danced for three more hours after we left. Must be something about that yard!

We were nervous about our first dance and our practice sessions were downright awful. We didn't choreograph anything, but could barely manage the middle school sway without stepping on feet. When it came down to it, we mostly decided to wing it. We did have the music faded out after a little while, so the embarrassment and potential boredom levels were kept down.
We danced to Michael Buble's version of The Way You Look Tonight


We opted for a father/daughter-mother/son dance at the same time and felt that it was a good option. Because of this, we had to choose a song that wasn't about parents and wasn't too sappy (I knew dad would make ridiculous jokes if we did). We chose What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. I like that song.

And then the music was turned on and the dance floor became crowded!

Groomsman pictures were taken somewhere in there.

But wait, there's more!

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