Thursday, October 7, 2010

God Working... and BABIES!

I have started a new job. It's not in addition to, but in place of my retail job.
Honestly, I'm a horrible salesperson. For one, selling things just was not me. I floundered. I bumbled. I tried to go in the back and do freight all afternoon because I'd much rather be in the back than selling clothes. Two, it completely stressed me out. Like every day I'd be so tired from the stress of having to make my sales goals. The managers weren't mean or anything (in fact, I loved my co-workers) but it was just so not for me. I'm pretty sure their business is better without me there anyway. I felt like I couldn't represent them well. And I'm not a fan of not doing things well, you know?

Anyway, I'm working at a daycare full-time now. Yes, I'm exhausted at the end of each day and yes, I have spit-up on my shirt and a full bottle's spill on my pants (which I laundered last night. gah!), but seriously, I like this so much better! It's a weird switch from selling to taking care of babies (I've been with infants almost all week and hope to stay there) but it was a good decision.

So obviously, you're wondering why I was even at one job for three weeks. Let me tell you, God WORKED through that! Everyone I worked with at White&Black was unsaved. And I am. So that was an interesting dynamic - not a bad one. I was able to have several really good conversations with a few co-workers (planting seeds?).

And one of those coworkers and I exchanged numbers. She dropped me off at home and knows where I live. And we're going to hang out! So pray for this opportunity to share Christ with this girl. I feel incredibly blessed to be able to have this opportunity and hope we'll get together soon!

And because a post is not much of a post without pictures, here's a poster I liked, from Etsy. I'm not a coffee-drinker (Carson is - he likes his black) but I thought it was cute.

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