Monday, October 25, 2010


So today, I was reliving mission trips.
My last time in Ukraine was in January 2009, which was almost two years ago. I was in a totally different place in life (or so it feels... you can fit a LOT of change into two years!) and it nearly seems like a lifetime ago. I journaled a list of things I miss about Ukraine. It was long.

My husband has not had the privilege of traveling as much as I have. He's been to Canada and obviously to Mexico on our honeymoon, but that's it. So I was telling stories and explaining how camp worked. And what we did. Bible studies, services, all that kind of stuff. I don't think he really understood. I got super animated and just confused him a lot.

But as always, it was good to relive those times. To think about seeing God move a zillion (give or take) times in one day. To think about conversations about the gospel. To study the Bible as teammates. To really appreciate the necessity of prayer. To "get" a taste of spiritual warfare. To see change and growth and the glory of God take hold of a person's life.

I don't know if there's anything else like it. There hasn't been for me. Those five short trips to Ukraine were absolutely life altering. That's incredibly dramatic to say, but it's true. I don't have a single doubt that those experiences have played into my life and been part of the process. They were worthwhile and wonderful and amazing.

And I took it a step further and found a couple of our old blogs. I can't seem to locate the January 2009 blog, but here are the 2007 Ukraine Blog and the 2008 Ukraine Blog. Good stuff. And as always, the blog doesn't even cut it. It was way better in person.

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