Monday, October 18, 2010

Date Night: Change of Plans

Carson dropped me off at work this Friday and picked me up afterward. 
Because we had plans to go up North, to Green Bluff.
{It's basically a bunch of farms and orchards. 
There's fruit and fun and corn mazes and it's quite fallish and wonderful. }
So we'd planned to go on Friday night. 

As it turns out, orchards aren't open at night
No "haunted apple picking" or anything of the sort.
So we went back down to Spokane, a bit disappointed. 
We had Panda for dinner and Coldstone for dessert and then spent some time in World Market.
Where we experienced giant gummy bears, Finnish licorice (Carson is 1/4 Finnish) and chocolate soda
We took pictures of the gummies and licorice and didn't purchase, but we got the soda out of curiousity. 
And a gingerbread man cookie cutter. I couldn't help it. 

We tried the chocolate soda the next morning (with ice cream. wow... were you to judge from this post, we are NOT healthy!) and the verdict was not terrible, though I doubt we'll return for more.

Meanwhile, here are pictures of our night. The fortune cookies: Carson's said "Be daring, try something new" and mine said "You are always entertaining and delightful." Carson pretended to try a massive gummy bear, and I snapped pictures of the soda.

And that picture of me? We had a debate about whose hips were larger and whether or not I could fit into Carson's jeans. I lost the argument when I tried a pair of his jeans over my clothes and they fell down. They only stayed on over my jacket. 

I can live with being wrong about that.

All in all, a very fun night with Mr. Bay. 

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