Saturday, April 14, 2012

DIY: Flower Collage

How about a fun, springy craft? 

This was time consuming but not really that difficult.

I painted the canvas purple first and let it dry.
Then I traced the top of a tube of paint to get a circle shape, and cut that out. I glued it a little to the side because I didn't want the flower to be centered.
Then it got tedious. I cut a million little leaf shapes. I started off drawing them and then cutting them according to the lines, but then free handed because I realized that it didn't matter what shapes and sizes they were.
I mod-podged them onto the canvas as I went, because someone encouraged me to, and I'm glad; all those little leaves would have gotten everywhere! I just kept gluing until it felt full enough, then went over everything with a coat of matte mod-podge.

Love the way it turned out; the different papers look so beautiful together! 


  1. Love this Lindsay!! I might try it today :)

  2. I did this project off pinterest recently too! Loved the way it turned out. I made mine as a gift, but I can't wait to do another for myself. Hehe! Where did you hang yours?

  3. I really like this dearest. Beautiful job!


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