Thursday, March 31, 2016

March Pictures

I saw this at Jo-Ann Fabrics one day.

Our car wouldn't start one Friday when I got in it to go to work. I had to call Carson, who was on his way to a conference with colleagues/friends. Thankfully, they weren't toooooo far away. They had to turn around and come rescue me. They jumped the car and I took it to a shop right by my work and walked. I wasn't too late to work and the shop even brought the car and the keys to me at work! It's been fine since, but the battery died and it had to be replaced. 

Carson sent this picture of social hour at an academic religion conference. So social. 

I did a little craft I'd seen on Pinterest. I began with plastic eggs (88 cents each) and spray paint (already had it) and just sprayed and spritzed until they looked something like robin's eggs. I put them in a glass hurricane on the mantel and called it a day. Pro tip: give them time to cure before putting them in said hurricane or when you're emptying it after Easter, the eggs may decide to stick to one another and then chip. Oh well. Another coat next year and they'll be just fine!

We enjoyed lots of warmer weather this month, and spent time walking. This walk was on campus one day.

It was during spring break, so without lots of witnesses on campus, I tried my hand at climbing a tree the day before I turned 27. It was easier 20 years ago. 

I hit 10000 steps a day on my Fitbit several days this month! As much as I'd love to do it every day, my job requires a lot of standing in one place and not much walking. 

A walk around Lake Ella. 

Fun lights in our bedroom.

Enjoying sunshine on a lunch break one afternoon.


Someone came into my work and gave us coupons for free pizzas at the soft open for a new Blaze Pizza in town. We were game and it was good and then we had lunch leftovers for the next day.

Good old Trader Joe's. 

I shopped for an Easter dress with some leftover Christmas gift cards.

We tried out the first Bojangles in Tallahassee.It's always crowded, but we went to the early service and it wasn't packed yet. 

We caught up on laundry. 

We had a little mushroom feast. 

Another day I hit my step goal. I've been doing the FitBit challenges and those are really motivating!

I had to go to an event at work and they gave us lunch and bowls of candy. We also played Jenga. Not the worst day at work!

My new birthday bedding! I need to tidy that nightstand!

My dressing room options. I went with the first one. 

Carson got the top one and I had the bottom fortune. I wonder what I'll create?!

I don't like creepy small elevators, but we have one at work. 

And last, here's a picture of us when we were engaged vs us now. Carson has definitely changed the most!

Jimmy John's brought little subs for "customer appreciation day" and it was someone's birthday at work - not a bad day.

The company I work for had a trivia night at a bar down the street to raise money to send care packages for soldiers. We not only exceeded our goal but we had fun doing it!

Team from North Monroe

Our Community Group had a game night. We were introduced to the game Guillotine, which was a little confusing at first but was fun. We also played Scattergories!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter 2016

Easter Weekend was rainy this year. The Easter BBQ our church usually hosts the day before got rained out, and it poured all weekend long. So raincoats in hand, we set off for church. 

After we returned, Carson and I finished up some things for Easter dinner and then I made him take some pictures. They are not stunning, but since we weren't willing to get wet, this was as good as it got.

Excellent background here with the grilling things and a garbage can.

Carson made mashed potatoes the night before, but was disappointed in himself for not having any gravy. We left the potatoes to warm in the crockpot while we were at church. When we returned, I suggested the addition of cheese, chives and sour cream (I think?) and then we threw them in the oven for a little bit. They were delicious and no one missed the gravy.

The deviled eggs and I suited up to brave the rain.

We had potatoes, deviled eggs, salad and a lamb roast at Josh and Christina's. The lamb was apparently a first-time try and it was so good.

After lunch, we sat around and talked and looked at pictures, then we dyed eggs. Grandmama usually buys me egg dyeing kits for my birthday, so we put it to good use!

We stayed quite late at Josh and Christina's. It's nice to have friends where the time gets away from you as you enjoy time together.

When we got home, we sat on the couch and went through our book of questions while Carson rested his left foot. He injured it again at the end of February and his doctor advised him to ice it and elevate it as much as possible.

Easter weekend was restful, focused, and quiet. We greatly enjoyed our time with friends, and we had a lovely weekend!
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