Monday, November 27, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

We went to Beaufort for Thanksgiving this year and spent the weekend with my family!
Here is what we did:

Tuck met other dogs, and wasn't much of a fan of the experience.

We went geocaching with my parents

(this is when we told them I was pregnant... I'm editing this later to add that)

Tuck sort of kind of got along with other dogs

Tuck met "Uncle Scott"

The family came to my parents' house for Thanksgiving.

Carson was pooped from all the merriment

It was a gloomy Thanksgiving.

We took family pictures, with a decent amount of effort. 

Not the whole family - one of our smallest Norman gatherings in a few years.

We bought a new Christmas tree (and some other things) on Black Friday

I went out to lunch downtown with Morgan the day after Thanksgiving

Everyone came to Grandmama's house for the annual family Oyster Roast (Carson helped get the oysters this year)

We celebrated Uncle Mike's retirement

And we learned to share.

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