Monday, October 31, 2011

Jillian's Visit: Day One

Jillian arrived on a Tuesday night and we did not take a picture. We spent the evening talking and picked Carson up from work at 11:30, then proceeded to talk until very late, and slept in the next morning.

On Jillian's first morning in Spokane, we sat around, talking (this was a theme of the visit). We took Carson to work in the morning and then hit the grocery store. We chose Fred Meyer, which incidentally was Emily's favorite when she visited Spokane almost two years ago.

After our little grocery trip, we went home until Kidz Club, which I haven't mentioned too much because there weren't pictures. But guess what? Jillian took pictures. The game this week was goldfish racing which sounds a little cruel but is very inventive. Each kid has a goldfish (real, not the cracker) in a cup, names it, etc, and races it against other goldfish in RAIN GUTTERS using straws. There's a bracket system and one kid will win. Poor little fish. The kids can take them home after club. I know of several fish who were obtained in this manner and yet are alive 1 or 2 years later.
I lead crafts most weeks so this week was painting pumpkins. Rick and Olivia led music and the kids joined in eagerly. Keith did the lesson, on Moses, and had the kids be the "Israelites" and follow the "cloud" around (sheet on a broomstick).

Once Kidz Club was over, we must have eaten dinner, but I'm not sure what else we did. We picked Carson up from work at 8:30pm and then went up the South Hill to the lookout over Spokane to show Jillian the city at night.

If you thought this post had a lot of pictures, just you wait. I'm restraining myself (a little) but we took a combined estimated 1,400 pictures in nine days (technically seven - the first day we didn't take any pictures and the last she left at 5am so we only got one).

Saturday, October 29, 2011

diy: Silhouettes

So once upon a time, I was browsing the Michael's $1 bin. I came across this, and immediately thought it would be fun to use for a project. I wasn't sure what, and so it sat around for a couple of months, but then I decided to try something...

I used a picture from our wedding that I made black and white and high contrast

...then I traced onto fancy notebook paper (placed the paper right on my computer screen)

Cut out my little paper heads and traced them onto my little frame

I was going to embroider these in, but I don't have embroidery floss (neither do I embroider but how hard can it be?) So I painted the lines in (several weeks later, hence the new nail color)

(Carson's silhouette looks like him. Mine does not.)

And this is what it looks like on the wall!

Could have been an easy-peasy under-an-hour project if I hadn't dragged it out... 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

the blessing of friends

There's just something special about these two. 
They're friends from Beaufort, two of the first people that I called when I got engaged. 
Two of the first people I asked to be in my wedding. 
Two of us were in Jillian's wedding. 
And then these ladies are  two people who have been able to come out to Spokane to visit. 
Emily came in Spring 2010, just in time for my 21st birthday.
And Jillian is here now!!
We're having a lovely time enjoying fall. 
And I'm so blessed to have such splendid friends. 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

just a walk in the park

No, we don't go on date nights every night of the week; that's just how these posts are stacking up. 
This date night was one of the most fun, purely for its simplicity. We'd planned to go to Panda for dinner, but as I was looking over our fall list I realized that Manito Park was near-ish to a Panda Express and that there was enough light to make a walk in the park a fun thing. 
We walked by the duck pond, through the Japanese Gardens, the Rose Garden, Herb Garden and Botanical Garden, around by a community soccer practice, and back to the car. We talked, took pictures, and prayed as we walked. 
We did finish that up by getting some Panda, but the walk was the best part! 
Here are a million pictures of our adventure :)
sweet smelling roses

a "peppermint twist" rose

mr gorilla

bird eating berries. 


such large dahlias!

a friendly little guy

definitely a new favorite picture. ha!

new york asters. i like the different colored centers.

herb/perennial garden

i feel like this garden belongs at Versailles 

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