Sunday, October 16, 2011

just a walk in the park

No, we don't go on date nights every night of the week; that's just how these posts are stacking up. 
This date night was one of the most fun, purely for its simplicity. We'd planned to go to Panda for dinner, but as I was looking over our fall list I realized that Manito Park was near-ish to a Panda Express and that there was enough light to make a walk in the park a fun thing. 
We walked by the duck pond, through the Japanese Gardens, the Rose Garden, Herb Garden and Botanical Garden, around by a community soccer practice, and back to the car. We talked, took pictures, and prayed as we walked. 
We did finish that up by getting some Panda, but the walk was the best part! 
Here are a million pictures of our adventure :)
sweet smelling roses

a "peppermint twist" rose

mr gorilla

bird eating berries. 


such large dahlias!

a friendly little guy

definitely a new favorite picture. ha!

new york asters. i like the different colored centers.

herb/perennial garden

i feel like this garden belongs at Versailles 


  1. Oh my goodness, that place is BEAUTIFUL! Looks like somewhere I would have adored.

  2. aw. I love the pictures of the dahlias and you smelling the flowers.

  3. Wow, such gorgeous pictures...the flowers are so whimsical looking! I want a whole yard of them.


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