Saturday, October 29, 2011

diy: Silhouettes

So once upon a time, I was browsing the Michael's $1 bin. I came across this, and immediately thought it would be fun to use for a project. I wasn't sure what, and so it sat around for a couple of months, but then I decided to try something...

I used a picture from our wedding that I made black and white and high contrast

...then I traced onto fancy notebook paper (placed the paper right on my computer screen)

Cut out my little paper heads and traced them onto my little frame

I was going to embroider these in, but I don't have embroidery floss (neither do I embroider but how hard can it be?) So I painted the lines in (several weeks later, hence the new nail color)

(Carson's silhouette looks like him. Mine does not.)

And this is what it looks like on the wall!

Could have been an easy-peasy under-an-hour project if I hadn't dragged it out... 


  1. How cool! I like the new background on your blog too. Love you!

  2. The $1 bin at Michaels...think of you every single time I'm there. ;)


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