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Oh, hello! Welcome to our blog!
Old Sheldon Church Ruins in Beaufort, SC
The purpose of this blog is to serve as a journal of our life together so that we remember what happened and why, to provide updates on our adventures for far-away family and friends and to be a place of encouragement. We're happy that you stopped by and would love it if you decided to follow along in our journey with us!

We met in college at in Spokane, Washington. After a short period of dating, were married in May of 2010 in South Carolina. Pictures can be seen here.

Since we got married, we've lived in four cities in three different states in the US and now two cities in Germany.
We lived in a little town in Central Washington for the first couple of months we were married, then spent the next two years in a little apartment in Spokane which you can see here.
We survived the balance of college and married life that culminated in Carson's graduation in 2011 and Lindsay's in 2012.
Next step? Why, more school of course! After an arduous three-day drive across the US, we arrived in our next home: Cleveland, Ohio. We lived there for 22 months, during which time we fell in love with the city and the people God brought into our lives there.
In May of 2014, Carson finished his MA in Theology and Religious Studies. After applying to PhD programs all over the country, we made the decision to move to Tallahassee, Florida in the summer of 2014 for Carson to begin a program in Religions of Western Antiquity at Florida State University. 

We planned to be in Florida for a full five years, but instead, we moved overseas to shake things up! Carson was the recipient of a Fulbright grant to research in Munster, Germany for one year. We began that adventure in August of 2016 with a six week German language course in Marburg, Germany after which, we moved on to Munster until the summer of 2017. While we're over here, we'd love to see as much as possible, both in Germany and all over Europe!

Life has been more of an adventure than we anticipated, and we have now officially moved every two summer for the past six years!

About Us Individually

Lindsay is the official keeper of the blog, providing both words and pictures to document our lives. 
She was born and raised in South Carolina and still considers that part of the country "home", preferring warm weather and beaches to any other. 
Lindsay's hobbies are indicative of her introverted nature but she loves writing, reading, taking and editing pictures, sewing and crafting. If she could, she'd love to run a small business from home with paper products.

Carson is the co-star of this blog, but rarely reads or writes for it. Instead, he reads and writes and researches as part of his everyday. He just finished Master's program in Theology and Religious Studies at John Carroll University near Cleveland, Ohio and is now working on a PhD in Religion and a second Master's in Classics from Florida State University in Tallahassee. Carson is from the Northwest, born in Olympia, Washington. If he could, he would spend his time whitewater rafting, biking, hiking and backpacking; his "home" is the Pacific Northwest.
Carson enjoys a good bargain, preferring Craigslist, thrift stores and yard sales to regular retail. He doesn't dream of owning a resale shop, but he'd be excellent at it!

More of our story:




Naches, Washington - Summer 2010

Spokane, WA - 2010-2012

Cleveland, OH - 2012-2014

Tallahassee, FL - 2014-2019

Germany - 2016-2017

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