Monday, May 28, 2012


Graduation weekend began with my parents' arrival, but you'll hear more about that in a different post. 
On Friday morning, we had a graduation rehearsal. Dad came with me and took pictures, 
Here we are lining up.

I practiced receiving my diploma (took a screenshot from a video Dad took)

 Graduation Brunch

Moody Bible Institute Spokane Class of 2012 
(our biggest class yet... and you were going to say something about how small it was, weren't you?)

 Everyone who's been at Moody-Spokane at least four years...

Graduation Day

All the Intercultural grads

Naomi and I

Getting ready...

The chaos of lining up

Second-year roommate... one of my favorite professors

With our Campus Dean, Dr. Lewis



And then... THIS HAPPENED... my most embarrassing moment. My shoe fell off while I was going up the stairs. Plus side - I got the most applause. Minus - I carried my shoe under my arm while I received the diploma.

But I still graduated


Afterwards, there was plenty of talk of my little incident, and also plenty of pictures. My face hurt.

All the family that came - wow!

Blonde, Brunette, Redhead

Josie (my last-summer roommate) and I 

Tomato Street for lunch afterward.

This is exactly what happened...

I was exhausted and took a nap after lunch, but we had a picnic at Comstock Park that evening. 

Everyone who stuck it out to the end... there were a few more than this :) 

But the point of this post is... I'm DONE! SO thrilled about that! 


  1. SO proud of all your hard work and OH SO VERY excited for you! Much love, my sweet sweet friend! *MUAH* CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  2. You look so beautiful in all of these pictures Linds! Wish we could have been there to celebrate such a wonderful accomplishment. Congrats Cinderella! ;-)

  3. Congratulations, Lindsay! Doesn't it feel great to be done?! How funny that your shoe fell off! I had a moment like that, too. My cap fell off as I was walking to my seat at the beginning of the ceremony! I should have used bobby pins... :)


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