Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Open House

We're so blessed to have great "couple friends" here in Spokane. We've had a lot of these friendships since we were all single and along the way our good friends have married great people and now they're fun couples to spend time with! 

One of these fabulous couples is John and Rachel, whom you've seen from time to time here. They live in our building; our living rooms actually share a wall. We've known John for longer, as he came to Moody at the same time Carson and I did. He and Carson are great friends and John is actually the one who told us about CTR (the church we attend) and arranged for us to live in the Reilly building. Rachel came along a year later and I knew her because she lived with one of my friends that year. She moved into the Reilly building at the same time as Carson and I did two years ago. Ever since, she has been a great friend! We've been  blessed to be there from the very start of their relationship. I even helped give ring suggestions before John proposed! 

We were supposed to be in their wedding this past January, but we had to miss out because the tickets were just too costly. They've been talking about doing an open house for all the Spokane friends who couldn't be there for the wedding... and four months later, they did! I helped plan it, making me feel like I was fulfilling the bridesmaid role I didn't get before. It was a fun time, and so great to celebrate such a fabulous couple!

The cake, with their original toppers

It was an optional bring-a-dessert open house and people really stepped up! 

Isabel caught the bouquet!

There was dancing

There were bridesmaids (I'd already purchased the dress when we made the decision not to attend the wedding... so I was happy to wear it!)

We took this picture after the party, so John's not wearing his suit (he wore it to formal the next day so stay tuned for that). We love these guys!

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