Friday, March 11, 2016

My Birthday

I got the day off work for my birthday, so I started my morning by sleeping in. That was really all I wanted to do that day, so I'm glad my body clock didn't wake me up at 5 or something. 

While I was sleeping, Carson put presents on the table and put up a birthday banner in the living room. 

I got great presents. Lots of things off my Amazon wish list, like a new white comforter, new shams, sewing machine cover, silverware, and a necklace. Those don't sound very fun, but I was excited! In addition to those, I got some fun creative things - markers, a coloring book, Easter things. 

The box that the comforter and shams came in also housed a textbook Carson ordered and it was the first thing I saw. "Aw, for me?"

New comforter and shams (we've never replaced our pillows before and I think they're starting to look sad and saggy)

We went to brunch at Maple Street Biscuit Company. It was our first time there and the good things I'd heard about it were all very true. The food was tasty, the portions large, and the atmosphere great. When we ordered, they asked us our favorite band name, instead of our names, because that's what they were calling out when orders were ready. Carson chose one of his personal favorites (not sarcasm), Taylor Swift. It was funny to see people's heads turn curiously in his direction when "Taylor Swift!" was called. I think perhaps people anticipated a twelve year old girl and not my husband. 

Nope, didn't finish it. We both order the same thing, and I can't remember what it was called, but it's what the nice guy at the counter recommended. 

We went to Target after brunch and took our time strolling the aisles. I thought these little Easter bunny things for pictures were so funny/cute but none of my friends have small enough babies to justify purchasing this. 

Back home, there were packages at the door for me! Birthday mail is the best. 

Carson took a nap on the couch that afternoon. 

We got ready for dinner (I wore my new necklace from Carson and a new dress I found at Target) and took a selfie!

We went to a new-to-us Mexican restaurant with our community group. I had a great time being with these friends. Someone spilled the beans that it was my birthday, and the waiters got the brilliant idea to do one of my least favorite things and sing to me and put a big sombrero on my head and a shot of something (tequila maybe? didn't drink it). No one got a picture of that fun moment, but that would have made things better. 
No one else sang to me, but Carson bought cupcakes from Publix that we passed out to our friends. I did make everyone take a group shot, and I'm ducking down in the picture because I guess I thought I was taller than I am, but actually I just look shorter. 
It was a great night, and while we were there, I saw some people from work as well!

Here's to 27 and more memories with these great people!

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