Sunday, April 15, 2012

Next Stop...

Hello friends!
Well, it looks like we've figured out the answer to where we'll be moving this summer! 
Cleveland, Ohio! 
This is probably the last place we expected to go, but everything seems to be working out so that we can make our 2100 mile trek in late Summer. 
Good thing we like road trips!
This means that I will be able to join Carson as we make our way over there and that we won't be moving until August. We were hoping for that! 

The school Carson will be attending is John Carroll University, located about 9 miles east of Cleveland in University Heights, Ohio. He has accepted an assistants position there that should last for the entire time he attends school there. We will be there for school for about two years, and then we will probably move somewhere else for Carson's PhD. 

This will put us mere hours away from family and friends on the east coast. We know a number of people from the Cleveland area, so we're hoping to visit with them when they come home on breaks and such. 

We'll keep you updated, but thought that you'd like to be excited with us on the discovery of finding out where our new home will be! 


  1. This is some of the best news EVER! So happy for y'all (and for me).
    Love ya!

  2. I really like your new photo header! What a great photo!! And I'm happy to have y'all within driving distance :)

  3. According to google maps, Cleveland, OH is exactly 6 hrs and 26 mins from my front door. This is progress. ;) I'm so excited!!!


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