Monday, April 9, 2012

Resurrection Sunday

On Saturday night, we dyed eggs with Catherine and Levi. No pictures of the dying event itself, but I'll tell you - the guys were on their A-Game with the dying. Catherine and I were a little less creative. We played Battle of the Sexes afterward. Altogether, quite the night. 

The eggs from this little event were used later to make deviled eggs. No pictures of those either, because they were tasty and eaten before I could take a picture. 

On Easter morning, we presented baskets to one another:

And after church, we took a picture. I have terrible posture in these, but look at Carson's great smile!
You may also note from these pictures that it was rather warm - 60 degrees!

We got home and started making preparations for the dinner we hosted. This picture was only taken to showcase the hilarity of the apron Carson is wearing.

A break from the cooking for a photo-op was taken with some of the girls from the building:
Missy, Brittany, me, Steph and Rachel. Only Heidi is missing.

Our guests arrived at 1:30 and from there, we continued to cook. This was the final product (plus those previously mentioned deviled eggs)

After we were stuffed, Zack read us a children's book (Danny and the Dinosaur) because he thought it was funny that we owned some. Carson fell asleep before this, and Jerrad was fighting sleep too.

After a little time had passed, we enjoyed Erica's brownie-ice cream-chocolate-oreo pie. Excellent.

I'd also made rice krispy treats, but when I went to take the pictures in the hallway with the girls earlier, I neglected the melting marshmallows and forgot to ask Carson to keep an eye out, so they caramelized. They tasted fine but were really hard...

And after all that, we dyed eggs again. 

I was a bit more creative this time around and used tape to create this:

And Carson made a "Sumo" egg.

Then we took a group picture with the soon-to-be-Faltinowskis and the Fletchers

It was a lovely Easter! 

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  1. I love your multi-colored Easter outfit! Too cute!


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