Tuesday, October 5, 2010

On The Occasion of Your Birthday

A very happy birthday to one of my dearest friends, Brooke
Brooke has been one of my best pals since elementary school. We met in Sunday School, scrapbooked together, rocked the karaoke machine performances, staged photo shoots and began to plan our weddings from an early age. 

As you're well aware, eleven years of wedding planning came to fruition this summer and we're both married (10 weeks apart!). It's been a joy to share life as little girls, awkward middle and high schoolers (we were all there...), to experience DL schooling together for a bit, and now to long-distance experience life as newlyweds - at the same time!  

As with all my friends' birthdays and events that used to happen back home that we're all far away from, I wish I were there to celebrate. But I'm sure Levi will do a much better job. Love you, Mrs. K!

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  1. Aww, I love you! We have had (and are still having) such an incredible life together. :) <3


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