Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hello, weekend!

This fall, I have not worried about midterms once. And I don't think I'm going to concern myself with finals either. I don't mind the lack of stress. Apparently midterms for Moody are next week. Halfway through the semester already? So quick!

I've received my first sign of working in a daycare: Yep, I'm sick. Sore throat. Hoping that if it's going to end up any worse, it will blow over by Sunday night. I was falling asleep all day on Friday, rocking babies and such. When I get sickish, I'm so tired. I'm NOT the little engine that could. I'm a sleep-all-day type. Huge wimp.

We've officially spent our first night apart in our new apartment. (Not like we did unofficially ever. But whatever.) Carson attended a men's retreat with the church. I joined the other girls in my building for a girl's night. More junk food than we'd like to admit and You've Got Mail (one of my all time favorite movies).

We purchased paint for the kitchen a few weeks ago and haven't gotten around to painting. I had Carson move the fridge before leaving for the retreat so I'm committed. It's paint that I didn't pick out - Carson found it and brought it home. Once it's up, I'll find out if I'm brave, stupid, or really brilliant for not insisting on helping decide the color. Hoping for the latter, and either way, it's going to stay there for awhile so I'll get used to it.
(this post will be scheduled so hopefully by the time you read this, paint will be drying.)

I'm in SUCH a mood to create house things. I want a table cloth or runner, to paint the table itself, to decorate our bedroom walls, to make throw pillows for the couch and our bed, to re-do the kitchen floor, to put curtains up and make the place more homey. And I want to make these things or spend under like ten dollars, which is virtually impossible.

A few weeks ago, I was thinking babies, babies, babies. I wanted one but not really to keep, just to keep for the day. To borrow, if you will. I now keep them during the day and realize that babies are cranky! I knew that but I keep getting a refresher in that lesson daily. I heard one crying in a store and while previously I would have been like "Oh, sweet thing!" I thought, "Oh boy. He sounds like he's hungry. Won't calm down for awhile. I'd better leave." Now I sound like a baby-hater. Oh dear.
I still love them; I'd just romanticized them and forgotten that they spit up and cried a lot. Now, I'm back in reality.

Our wedding pictures arrived last weekend and I adore them. I get to pick some out for printing. Can't wait to display them. Can I just print all of them? Please? I can't post them all (Oh, I would), but I have one as my Facebook profile at the moment. Beautiful. More might appear in random posts. I won't be able to help it.

Working forty hours a week didn't do much for my housekeeping. You would be appalled at the laundry waiting to be folded, the piles of papers to be sorted, filed and mailed, the dishes in the sink, and probably the clothes on the closet floor. I hope to make the weekend productive. And to make some sort of schedule so I don't live in a messy home for the rest of the time we're here just because I work. Yuck.

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