Monday, October 25, 2010

Our Wedding: Ceremony

Our ceremony took place under live oaks in my parent's backyard. The wedding began late (I think just five minutes late) because of rain, which brought fun things like humidity that needed to be dealt with before we saw people. So I don't think anyone arrived late, since we did. 

For some reason though, I thought that we were taking a picture with our families on the front porch, so I stepped outside with my dad to take said picture and discovered that in reality, we were walking down the aisle. One by one, I watched my bridesmaids do a little wave back at me, then slip around the corner holding the arms of the groomsmen. The faint strains of The Butterfly Waltz met my ears as I stood there, trying miserably to take in the moment. I wasn't sure what I should be feeling, but I wanted to remember everything. My flowergirls hugged me as they marched through the garden to stand by the bridesmaids. Then it was just dad and I. Quietly, he told me that he loved me, and was proud of me, and said a short prayer. He hugged me and I know that I saw tears. 
The music changed. I heard Pachelbel's Canon in D on the violin and my heart fluttered. This was IT. I breathed out and we walked. From the front of the house, through the garden and across the backyard is a long walk. It felt crazy to be making that walk in a white dress on my father's arm with a couple hundred people standing and smiling at me. 

Anthony and Morgan

Tyson and Jillian

Scott and Emily



There was a welcome, then we sang "In Christ Alone" and "Before the Throne of God". There was a short message by Vince, another short address by Carson, our vows, our rings, and then instead of a unity candle, our parents came up and prayed with us while my sister and her fiance Thomas sang "Jesus Paid it All".

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride!" (the video is funny. Carson moves at lightening speed)

We headed back into the house for a few pictures, but mostly because that marriage license wasn't going to sign itself.

And then we joined our guests in the backyard...

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