Saturday, October 23, 2010

a sunset, two movies, and a lot of junk food

We had two free nights this week for a date night,
Thursday or Friday

And I chose Friday because as you already know, it was our "anniversary".
(also, I knew that it would be more exciting to look forward to it the whole week and not have to be bummed by having to work really early the next day.)
And it was wonderful. Low-key, which has turned out to be the best option for both of us because we are lame and boring prefer it that way.

Here is what Carson planned:
We watched the sunset from a bench alongside a steep hill that led to the river. 
The sun set behind a magnificent little forest of trees. And was gold and blue and lovely. And I didn't include its picture here, because these outtakes were funnier to me.

And then we rented two movies
(we couldn't decide and the rentals were only $.50 each)
(And we like kid movies like that. Um, especially Carson :) )

After that, we bought things for dinner
And made dinner at home and watched the movies
And had cake and ice cream 
(because both were on sale and sounded good. and we didn't regret it.)
And I fell asleep during the second one so I don't know if we finished watching it or not. 
But it was, again, a good date.
And a "happy anniversary" ;)


  1. My favorite thing about those pictures is you in a coat and scarf and Carson in short sleeves. Cheers to southern girls. ;)

  2. Oh, he changed to a coat. It's in a couple of pictures. I was just the smart one ;)

  3. I LOVE THIS! Y'all are so wonderful. So so super excited that I got to be a part of your special day and i'm so excited to be in y'alls life in the year to come. YAY for life!


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