Wednesday, March 9, 2011

birthday party

Today is my birthday!
My plans today include working...and perhaps cleaning the church later tonight. 

But Sunday, we returned from our bi-weekly trip to Costco and Carson brought up this excellently wrapped specimen. In Christmas paper and electrical tape. 

Not so sure what it is...

A sewing machine! From Carson and my parents.

Later that evening, our small apartment housed around 20 friends for a birthday get-together for John, David and myself. 

We played "birthday wish telephone", a completely made up by Carson game where you pass around birthday wishes. They were terribly long and my memory is not the best. Neither was anyone else's and they ended up ridiculous.

Time for cake! John (beard), me, and David (guy next to me) were the birthday ones. 

The ice cream cake. The two leftover pieces are being saved for tonight.
You can see the incomplete "David" made by sprinkles. He was a last minute, "Oh, it's your birthday too?" so his name didn't get a gel icing-ed recognition. 
And John didn't turn 30... Carson's idea of a joke.

Our couch seats five.

Great friends - Erica and Angela (former roommate and former pseudo roommate)

After the party, we decided to watch Despicable Me in the Youth Warehouse. Very fun. Projector screen, funny movie, couches in a semi-circle. Izzy was super excited.

Carson and I

A game of four-square before the movie. I have never seen this played before. It confused me. 

So that was how my birthday WAS celebrated. 


  1. yay! you finally have a sewing machine! can't wait to see all the pretty things you will make with it :) Happy birthday!

  2. aw! that's so great, linds. Your hair is SO long and SO beautiful. I love you my dear friend!


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