Friday, August 6, 2010

A Trek Up the Mountain

Okay, so it wasn't a mountain. Not really. But it felt like it. We climbed from 6,000 feet elevation to 8,000. A totally uphill "stroll" on the way there that took 9.5 hours (would have been shorter but I am both inexperienced AND a good whiner). Pretty. Fun, looking back.

We climbed up the part that is partially hidden by the tree branch on the left. It looks very mush like the snowy part in the middle.

At our campsite. I have three pictures of him with this same pose. Apparently he was proud of his climb. 

There were fifteen or so mountain goats wandering around our camp in the morning. They got really close to us, sniffed around, and weren't afraid of us in the least. This picture is like an Eye Spy, goat version. They blend in pretty well. 

We used snow to wet our toothbrushes. No shower, no bathroom (unless you like rocks), but we brushed our teeth!

Before setting out the next morning: My brother, me, Carson. 

At the end of the journey. I think it took us six hours to get down. From going downhill all that distance, I had the hardest time going up and down the stairs after that (funny thing - only 24 hours after this venture, I donned a cocktail dress and heels... what a contrast from being dirty and probably smelly)


  1. I say this a lot so it's loosing it's luster but I mean it with every single key I tap. I LOVE the tooth brush picture. SO wonderful.
    I love you MRS mountain woman!

  2. I like the eye-spy picture with the goats!


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