Thursday, August 5, 2010

of weddings and things

Any absence from this blog has been because we have been BUSY! 

First of all, we went backpacking. Pictures from that trip are forthcoming! 

Last weekend, I returned to Beaufort for the wedding of my own maid-of-honor, Brooke

Carson has been working 12+ hour days lately, I'm trying to pack things up, and we're working on getting everything together to move back to Spokane in about two weeks.

Post-bachelorette. Sadly, my camera stayed at the hotel (and we had such good photo-ops too!). We went out for pizza, then out to a wonderful nice restaurant for dessert, then walked down River Street before retiring to our hotel to "shower" Brooke and hang out. We stayed in downtown Savannah.

Arriving at the church - accompanied by Erin P, Erin L, Molly and Jessica

The bride and the matron of honor... let me tell you, all week, people kept asking who I was. I would say  "I'm Lindsay the - um, Brooke's friend". It felt very weird to say matron. 

The Mixson family with Levi, their newest addition :)

Leaving the church! We threw part Lindsay's-dried-bouquet and part gardenia leaves. 

Following their getaway, we took bridal party pictures at Palmetto Bluff. It is beautiful there! 
Olivia (Brooke's most recent roommate), Molly, Jessica, Erin P, Erin L (all PHC friends), me, Rachel (Levi's sister), Meredith (maid-of-honor). 
By the way, aren't the dresses gorgeous? I almost had these same ones for our wedding (but in purple) but I'm glad I didn't and Brooke did - because now I have one! And I love the navy.

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  1. much fun! so glad for you and brooke! weird being a matron huh? you are so cute. i love and miss you!
    I'm sad i didn't get to see you while you were on the east coast! *sigh* I really don't like this being so far apart thing. It is strange not to see you and Em --knowing that there is no summer or fall break were everyone comes home and life goes back to normal...none of that! I love this being married thing, but wish i didn't make us so far apart. love and thinking about you!!


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