Monday, February 28, 2011

reilly family photo shoot

Reilly Family 
keith, john, isabel, lindsay & carson
rachel, heidi, catherine

hold on? who are these people? they aren't your family!

Yep, these are the people who live life with us in the Reilly Building, serve with us, go to church with us, and come to our door for eggs and extra plates (and we reciprocate). It's SO fun to experience life with these wonderful people. Such a blessing to be right down the hall from good conversation, movie night buddies, encouragement, and amazing brothers and sisters in Christ. 

We're often busy, with conflicting work and school schedules, but as many of us are able try to gather for waffles, movies, girls nights (and I guess guy nights, though it's yet to happen) or discussions when we've got the time.

Carson and I are the only married ones in this group, so sometimes we get called "mom and dad". No big deal, since we're all in our 20s... I love all my "children", though three of them are older.

We had a "family photo shoot" last Sunday after church. 

Spelling "Reilly"

This is our band picture. Pretty sure we're supposed to look moody and cool. 
Pretty sure we failed. 

 Not so sure why we even took this one.


Supposed to resemble this Beatles picture. 
Too many people and walking the wrong way. 
That's Carey, our pastor, walking alongside.

Not sure what this is about

I like this one the best (it's my desktop background). 
On the stairs of the Reilly.

Again on the stairs.

The wonderful (and moving back to Australia very soon) Fiona Dewhurst took these pictures. 


  1. HOW FUN!!!! i'm LOVING this. Community living is simply wonderful for the time it lasts! Awesome awesome. I love you. Love these pictures as well :) Can't wait to talk!

  2. Oooh! I agree with Emily... community living is wonderful (nudge in her direction:) so glad you and Carson have this fun, creative, encouraging group to do life with!! Sarah


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