Tuesday, February 8, 2011


A bowl of brown rice. 
What could the implications be? 
I'm trying to eat better, attempting to show you how I made a delicious meal?
Um. NO.
Neither of those things are remotely true.

 I am ashamed to say that hidden in that rice is my cell phone.

Which fell out of my pocket and into a toilet I had just finished cleaning at work.
Plop! Gasp! Realization. Embarassment. 
(relief that it was at least clean...)
I've heard/read that the best way to revive a wet phone is to leave it in rice for 24 hours. 
So I did.

And 26 hours later, it works!


  1. Really???! I have read this a few places and still can't believe it!

    I think I may drop by phone in the toilet and give it a whirl. I'm due for an upgrade anyway...nothin to lose.

  2. for real?! i never knew that. excited to be following along this cute little blog :)

  3. hey. so i'm still waiting on your part ii. ;-)


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