Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our First Valentine's

Fun fact: this was our first Valentine's Day together! Two years ago we weren't even friends, last year we were engaged but I was in South Carolina, so finally this year, we got to celebrate!

We celebrated Valentine's Day on Saturday, since school and work conflicted with the actual holiday.

Carson planned the whole day!

First of all, we went to a diner that I've never visited. There were so many good options on the menu, but we both got sandwiches. The breakfast menu looked amazing, so I'm sure we'll be back!

Then we painted pottery downtown.
It was his first time doing this but I think he liked it. 
A stretch, since he doesn't do creative things so often (but he's pretty good!)
We were there for nearly three hours. 

[closer look: our creations]

Afterward, we went miniature golfing up north. 
There was the option to go outside, but the chilly weather made that a quick no. 
It was dark with blacklights. 
We're both horrible at this (which made it better since we were on the same level). 
Our final scores were 58 and 53. He won. 

Finally, we settled in at home with some spinach ravioli and alfredo sauce. 
It was followed by some yummy brownie covered oreos 
(you just dip them in the brownie batter and place them in muffin tins) 
(a favorite of mine and he loved it too!)

And for Valentine's Day, I received this: 
A white sapphire heart necklace
I'm wearing it in most of the pictures if you want to see its actual size
Love it :)
[in fact, I love it so much that you'll be seeing it a LOT]

I've always loved this holiday, the candy, pink and red and fun decorating...
 Celebrating it with my husband instead of with girl friends and roommates made it totally different. So, so fun!
Hope you had an excellent Valentine's Day as well, no matter who you spent it with!

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  1. Looks like so much fun! I'm so glad y'all finally got to celebrate Vtines Day together. We've come a long way since all the little fold-over kiddy valentines. Remember those? I still like them. ;)


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