Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Life with the Bays

It's time for a post with pictures from our day-to-day lives! Nope, it may not be the most exciting post you'll set your eyes on, but at least you'll know that we actually spend time at home. 

Here's one of the two pies I made. It settled down into a normal looking pie (maybe they all do this, I don't really know).

Carson has told me time and time again that he doesn't take naps. But apparently, that's a thing of the past and his old age is catching up to him. I've found him napping several times lately. I caught this moment when I came home one afternoon. An open book was on the floor beside him. I'm glad sleep overcame him - he's always on the go!

Here's Carson recording OT grades on Blackboard, wearing a ridiculous fleece viking hat. He loves it. I, um, don't. I say nice things about it though like "Wow, I'm sure you're warm with that on!" He's got a thing for hats which I don't understand at all. I dislike most hats without much reason (or because they all look ridiculous on me) so I'm not hugely fond of any hat, let alone one with horns. 

And here's a picture to show you the difference between Lindsay with straightened hair and Lindsay without. You're welcome.
Ps- that's Carson's school picture from this year framed on the side table. Want a copy? 

Here's our living room from where I sat on the couch one night. It's taken on a few improvements since you last observed it.

And here's my attempt to get into the Christmas spirit a little early: 
Pandora holiday stations and doodling Christmas words.


  1. 1-All pumpkin pies do that.
    2-Thanks for the info on Carson loving hats. I'll have to remember that for gift-giving purposes.
    3-Why do you have one strand of hair that is three inches longer than the rest?

  2. 1- I made two more yesterday and realized that. So funny!
    2- Glad you have ideas.
    3- I don't. It was just parted not-quite-right.


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