Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Thanksgiving this year was interesting. I had food poisoning (from turkey lunch meat! oh, the irony!).
I wasn't feeling well just before Carson left for the Wednesday evening Thanksgiving service
And so I asked to stay home. 
Good idea... thirty minutes after he left...
Let's just say I'm glad I was near a toilet and not sitting in a pew. 
Wednesday night was not fun. 
Neither was Thursday morning. 
The afternoon was better, but I was so tired from... well, you know. 

Here I am last Wednesday, making pies. 
This was (obviously) pre-food sickness kicking in. 
I was feeling grossed out by the smell of the pie crust baking. 
In fact that's what I thought made me feel sick.

 The crust collapsed. But it didn't burn, and that was the idea.

After Thanksgiving dinner. 
Not a result of how much we ate.
(I actually remarked that we "offended Thanksgiving" by the few bites we took)
But a result of how we felt... he wasn't sure if it was the flu or what... but he was sick too

A thanksgiving picture. Not our finest, but we do look cozy!

Both not feeling great, we went to bed at 7pm. 
Because we got up at 10:30pm for Black Friday shopping. Here we are at WalMart:

And after the WalMart trip, we went back to bed until 7:30am.
It was supposed to be 3:30 but we accidentally set the alarm four hours later.
We went to Target, Staples, and a few other stores.
It was nice shopping while it was still light out.

Oh! Here's the actual front of our building. We enter on the back side.

As you know, it was a snowy weekend. 
(And yes, Carson always opens the door for me. Without fail [unless he's not there or his hands are full or I'm just jumping out]. What a gentleman!)

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