Monday, December 6, 2010

christmas cards

Don't you just LOVE receiving Christmas cards? I know I do. Whether they're handmade, mass-produced, or just a postcard, it's always so fun to get Christmas cards in the mail. 

My favorite cards are the ones with pictures. I love pictures; my fridge is a tribute to this fact. I'll keep them up forever, pray for the people, admire the picture... I just love them. 

Shutterfly has so many picture Christmas cards this year. I guess they do every year, but this year I've paid attention. I've printed photo books for my girls there forever, gotten prints from them... I love it. Also, the shipping is lightening-fast. We ordered our wedding guestbook with pictures of us growing up through Shutterfly on a Monday and when I'd flown in to my parent's home on Thursday, it was there. I didn't even expedite. Crazy. 

Anyway, Christmas cards! I'm going to order some, just have to decide! 
Here are some designs I'm liking: 

I love the black and white photo with the colored words
 And I like this one for the modern and traditional font mix. I like lettering

And this one because the plaid is adorable. And I really like that script font. 

Shutterfly has more photo Christmas cards here
They also have calendars, invitations, thank you cards, regular Christmas cards and photo books. Seriously, check it out. 

Ps - Shutterfly is doing a promotion for bloggers. If you blog about the cards, you can get 50 free cards (which is why I've been stalking their site). Do it! Here

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