Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Opening gifts from the family

This was the only photographed gift opening that we did. As such, I suggested that we change into our comfy clothes, an idea that was pleasing to Carson! 

There was gummy earthworm eating (Becca, where do you find such things?)

 Becca's gifts to us (this was the first thing we opened; she gave it to us before we left Beaufort)

Carson found Marshmallow Santas in his presents from my parents

Scott always wraps things creatively... Burlap


Electrical tape


Sour and regular gummy worms. 
They must have been good because I saw the packages in the garbage the next day :)

Scott gave me salt and pepper shakers shaped like pigs. 
I think they're adorable.
And much preferred to the Morton's salt container and spice rack version of pepper I was using!

Mom gave me lots of craft things, which made my day.
Fabric, really strong glue, magnets, pom-pom makers... all kinds of things to use
I have plans for these things but haven't done anything yet.

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