Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Down South

So we went to Beaufort last week.
Our "Christmas" visit. 

They were having terrible weather (totally unedited)

 I mean, really. We had to adopt a "grin and bear it" attitude because it was just so awful the entire time.

We went Christmas tree shopping at Lowe's (where else?)

My sister and I

Carson can't stand the sunshine. He likes it but his eyes don't. So here he is shielding his eyes. 
And Becca's saluting. 

You can tell that this is a genuine smile

The Normans and the Bays



Christmas balls...

 We went to Night on the Town in Downtown Beaufort. Saw TONS of people we knew. 
So fun. 
And it was on Bay Street so we had to get a picture.

The tree

On the way to Waycross... we watched this.

Sunday night we had a bonfire. The Mansells came and brought two several-hours-old goats! 
Have you ever hosted goats at your bonfire?

On Monday we went to Grandmama and Granddaddy's house. Becca's babysittee came as well.

We went to the beach. 
Aren't my grandparents so good looking?

To the lighthouse

And of course we had to be a little corny

Grandmama and I in our hats

Caught mid-air

Brodie and Granmama

New treats to try

Our gifts to give 
(theirs to us are going to be mailed)

Love this progression... admiration

...breakable ornament

Family picture attempts.

The picture we "usually" get. Minus Daisy (the other dog) and plus Carson.

Dad's new straw glasses

Scott's five-fingers

Cutting the top of our wedding cake early (because we won't be there in May)

We broke our pre-wedding agreement to abstain from the creaming with frosting. 

River Street in Savannah, Georgia

Sitting on Santa's lap

 A neat looking alley that Carson suggested we take a picture in :)

And just for fun... something we passed on our drive home, once in Washington again.

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