Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Very First Christmas

We went to Olympia for Christmas this year, so our personal gift unwrapping happened on Wednesday night.
The reason for this is that that's the day that Granddaddy and Grandmamma's presents to us arrived in the mail. 
We opened those and Carson was hungry for more. 
Naturally, I had not wrapped his presents (yes, three days before Christmas... because I had purchased them two days before that), so he went into our room and shut the door, while I wrapped.
Then I called him,
and we unwrapped presents.

Here are our stockings:

And the tree which you've seen a million times, this time with presents

One of his stocking stuffers... 
there's a funny little poem that you can print out with this but I lost it and we don't have a printer...

More stocking stuffers

All of my stocking stuffers... I sense some baking in my near future

notice the hydration and vitamin C behind Mr. Sickly.

He cut out hearts and had all different sorts of names for me on the tags
I noticed that and I copied the idea (minus the hearts... too hard to freehand)

I was supposed to work 7:45 till 4
But I got a text that said to see if I needed to come in at 9
And at 8:30 another text came, telling  me I had the day off

So we got an earlier start than planned on our trip over the pass
But since we were up to leave at 7:15 anyway, we got gas for the car 
And Carson made a snowman on top of it

Then, we went up the South Hill and looked at Christmas lights.
Yes, in the morning. 
Then we found a cute coffee shop and had espresso and hot chocolate. 
No pictures, I'm afraid. But we did these things.
Afterward, we went to Target to buy Settlers of Catan
And then back home to wrap our gifts for other people
(SO not on top of it... I'm blaming it on the fact that I work a lot, but we all know it's not true)

And of course there are no pictures of Christmas Eve
But we girls got our nails done (mine are this color)
While the guys went to Cabela's or somewhere guyish 
And then we returned to play Settlers and watch Christmas movies
And after that, we played Catch Phrase and telephone pictionary 
(they are now selling telephone pictionary as an actual game-game... Scribblish... but we just played with regular pieces of paper)

On Christmas day, Carson was still a bit too sick to go to Seattle, where the Bay side was celebrating, so we just hung out at the house
Then we opened gifts (at 1pm or so...)
And headed to the Jenkins' for Christmas dinner

Here's my new owl cookie cutter and some cookies (Carson received a bear)

Some festive gingerbread men

Chewbacca, the fattest cat I've ever seen 

Watching Christmas movies once more

Playing Rook

Eating, eating, eating (we snacked on this while waiting for the real food)

More snuggling with Chewy

Norman, the dog

Merry Christmas!

Settlers of Catan

Snuggling with Earl, his new bear

We left Olympia on Sunday morning at 6:30.  
Which was TOO EARLY (especially during a lazy holiday weekend) but I sat in the back of the car and slept for a good portion of the trip, which ended at 11:45 in front of our building.
Where we dumped out our stuff in the living room and proceeded to take advantage of some day-after-Christmas clothes shopping. Carson obtained two new sweaters and a polo shirt, while I ended up with a new sweater, shirt and pair of jeans. 
And then we returned home to continue being lazy. 

And I just love this little part of our house, so I'm sharing a picture...

Hope your Christmas was merry and wonderful!

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