Monday, December 13, 2010


I just submitted my application to Moody.

To what? To... wait... what?

That's right. I just applied to Moody for the third time. My reference forms are filled out and ready to be mailed. If it sounds silly, I'm right there with ya. But as it turned out, since I didn't enroll in classes by a certain date, I became discontinued as a student. Which in layman's terms means booted out.

And as it turns out, I found this little fact out about a week after I was...ahem...booted. When I decided to register for a couple of classes for next semester.

Here's the plan (and it's always changing so you never know)... I will hopefully be accepted to Moody again (I'm not really worried, although I've been pretty certain of getting in before and that didn't pan out). If that's the case, I will take two classes on Tuesdays this coming Spring semester and continue to work full-time. During the summer, I will take a few classes online. Next Fall, I will return to school full-time. Carson will be graduated by that time and will begin to work full-time (we're flip-flopping, see?). I will probably graduate May of 2012. This is a year later than it "should have been" but that's okay. Most of my friends here will graduate then anyway (remember, I came here when I was a sophomore) so I'm kind of happy about it.

That's the "plan". Said in that way because, as you know... our plans aren't really our own. And life has shown me to have faith in God, not me or my plans.

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  1. Wow, that wasn't a very long period of inactivity either! sounds like you're a brand or something. :P But you're not. *hug*


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