Friday, December 10, 2010

the ghost of Christmas past

Carson and I did a survey once that asked "What do you talk about the most?"

He replied that I talked about the past and pictures.

And I've got to say, he's got me pegged. I talk about the past a lot. Which is absolutely no surprise to the readers of this blog. "Remember the time we...?" "One time I..." or "Look at this! It was taken the day we..."

For so many reasons, I enjoy thinking about what was. What used to be, how things were, and how they've changed.

Nearly two years ago, I wrote a post entitled, "I Would Have Laughed", based on how things had changed in the two years since my high school graduation. The day I wrote that post was the day that Carson and I started our relationship, though I was coy about that on my blog.

Now, nothing like that is happening today. Nothing spectacular, nothing shocking. Just a normal day of thinking back.

But I do think it's funny... 

That I'm in an apartment near downtown Spokane.
Where I live with a boy.
That I'm married to that boy.
That I decided not to be in Chicago after all.
That I don't regret that.
That I don't hate the idea of marriage.
(I didn't hate it before; I was just opposed to pursuing it and totally content being single)
That I can drive decently in snow.
That I work at a daycare.
That I have dishes and house things of my very own.

I am thankful for these things.
Still surprised by them sometimes.
The surprises, the things I didn't think I'd be doing... those have been wonderful things. Each year I can honestly say has been better than before. Not because I'm here or because of being married or because of anything but God Himself.

And I'm glad that though things change, that never has.

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