Thursday, December 30, 2010

This Week

We took down our Christmas tree and the decorations

We vacuumed the remains of said tree, which appears to have lost half its needles on our floor

We walked into Target for a lampshade and found one... and wrapping paper on sale, a binder and a microwave for $14... down from $55... thanks, whoever returned it!

We got Christmas cards and a Christmas box in the mail... and enjoyed all of them

We watched Andy Griffith quite a bit

We watched snow fall down an inch an hour on Wednesday... scraping that off the carwas not so fun

We ordered pizza and salad from a local restaurant, just because. YUM!

...and we went to work each day, Carson studied for a CLEP Literature exam he's taking Friday morning (pray for it!), and slowly, but surely, his pneumonia self is getting better. He's not sick-sick anymore, but I hear that it takes its toll on you.

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