Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 In Review

This was a crazy year. Busy, full to the brim. What else CAN you have, when you go back and forth all over the country/state, plan a wedding, get married, have friends get married, and move several times? 

I had paragraphs planned, but I think bullet points are more appropriate. Will you read paragraphs? No. 

My wedding dress came into the store and I decided I loved it and wanted to live in it
Weekend on Oregon coast with the Bay/Bradford family
I moved in with Carson's parents for the spring
Went to Virginia to meet Trent, Erin and baby Kennedy
Also saw Brooke and Jillian while there... a treat

Drove from Virginia to South Carolina - was there for two weeks
It SNOWED five inches in Beaufort... and the town went crazy
Jillian and Gary got married and I was able to be a bridesmaid!
I went to Portland to visit Carson's grandparents. We did puzzles and Scrabble.

Carson picked me up and took me to Spokane
Emily came to visit in Spokane.
We picked my wedding dress up 
I turned 21! And celebrated with Mickey Mouse ears at Olive Garden with Molly and Erica
We took our engagement pictures

We celebrated Easter
I made a lot of cards
Carson visited once
I had a bridal shower in Olympia
I worked out every single day
I flew to Beaufort at the end of the month
I sent out a million wedding invitations
I passed out in the post office

Carson finished school

I helped make wedding decisions
I had a bridal shower in Beaufort
I made wedding programs
I realized I'd lost too much weight for my dress and stopped working out
I went to Charleston with Emily and we freaked out because I was getting married in a week
I went wedding dress shopping with Brooke
I picked my future husband up from the airport
I attended my own bachelorette party
We got married
We went to Mexico

We moved to Naches, Washington
Had 2 receptions in Washington
I discovered how to fill a 40-60 hour workweek with housework and other things, minus internet
Made many trips to Starbucks for said internet
Started this blog
Rode bikes
Went to the doctor for sand in my ear (I still get some out occasionally)
We were married for one month!

Visited the laundromat quite a bit
Got our bedspread stolen from there
Carson's mom visited
Went to Cashmere to meet Carson's friend's baby
Had the worst job interview ever in Spokane
My brother visited
Flew to Beaufort
We were married for two months!

Returned to the West
Packed, packed, packed
Applied for a thousand jobs
Moved away from Naches
Carson started school
Went to job interviews
We were married for three months!

Moved into our apartment
Continued both school and my job hunt
Went to job interviews during that time
Hung out with Spokane friends
We were married for four months!

Started working at the daycare
Discovered that this is not a career for me, but I do enjoy it as a job!
We painted our kitchen
We went to the pumpkin patch 
We carved our pumpkins and had an evening of scary movies
We were married for five months!

It snowed for the first time this year
We were sick a LOT (we think it has something to do with my job)
Carson had strep
I got food poisoning
We celebrated Thanksgiving
We shopped on Black Friday
We were married for six months!

We went to Beaufort for a week
School ended for Carson
Trent and Erin had baby #2 - Brooklyn Carter Bay
We went to Leavenworth for a weekend
Carson turned 24!
Carson had pneumonia
And our quote for that weekend became " in Pneumonia"
We went to Olympia for Christmas
We were married for seven months!

That was our year! So many specifics and details left out, if you can believe it, with that long post. 
Happy New Year!

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  1. Sounds like a fun, busy year! Congratulations again on your marriage!


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