Thursday, September 2, 2010

House Pictures!

The chaos... the day we moved in. Boxes, stuff everywhere... kinda junky.

And now for pictures of what the place looks like, tidy, unpacked and mostly organized 
(I think it looks pretty decent - we did move here only 2 days ago!) We had friends over for dinner last night or else it would probably be messy still. 

The hallway, from our apartment door.

The front door itself, from the inside. Carson hung up our bulletin board for keys and things and his old roomie gave us this shoe rack. The baseball bat is there for protection purposes (it was in our house this summer too... don't worry, we'll probably never use it)

The living room. It's seriously about the same size as our house this summer. That's really not saying a lot because if you recall, that place wasn't so big. 
But this big empty room will hopefully be (Goodwill) furnished soon. The chairs were Carson's from way back, and the lamp was in one of our houses before we were married. We bought a bookshelf yesterday to hold some (not even close to ALL) of our books. Carson was studying for Greek here. He probably didn't even know I took a picture. 
I will post pictures of the view outside those windows. We get a great sunset and have a pretty neat view of South Spokane.

The kitchen. Love the kitchen. I already covered the fridge in pictures. It's a happy kitchen now.

The other side of the kitchen - lots of cupboards for storing things! And a stove with a sticker reminding us to stop animal cruelty. And tile counters. And things you'll recognize from our old house.

Our room - with a mattress that is NOT sitting on the floor and is SO comfy. And more cabinets. The folding door goes into the bathroom.

The closet. A real, true closet that is not one rod and one shelf. Bliss. It's small too, but I seriously can't complain.

The bathroom! We're going to put actual stuff on the shelf below the sink (which I proudly assembled myself...) because storage is limited in there. It's on the small side but I still love it. And although I was very happy that we had so many shelves in the bathroom in our last place, I'm glad that this bathroom is being used as ONLY a bathroom, not a place for extra storage.

So, that's our home! The outside is ugly, run down and a little scary looking so unless you're dying to see it, I wasn't planning on including a picture. It's honestly not in the best part of town (not the worst either, fyi) so I guess it will never be pretty. But we don't live on the outside so who cares?

We keep laughing because this apartment is quite tiny, as far as housing goes. But because our house this summer was VERY small, the apartment feels very large. It's really great to have a living room to keep the books and things in and not have to hang out in the bedroom or kitchen all the time. We call it our mansion sometimes. Realistically, I think it's the smallest of the apartments I've lived in. 
Perspective - a great thing :)


  1. LOVE this. must admit to not reading this post in it's entirety - i will one day i'm sure.
    So happy for y'all.
    much love

  2. That's a lot of cabinet space in the kitchen. I like the happy red clock.

  3. Oh! It's good to see your new house. I'm glad you took pictures :)


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