Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Back Where I Didn't Want to Be

[alternately titled: "Guess What? I DON'T Know Best"]

Sometimes you pray for something... and it doesn't happen.

Sometimes you think something is God's will... and it doesn't work out.

What to do? Is God a liar? Should you quit praying?

Obviously, the answer to that is a good sound NO. But sometimes it's easy to get a little upset at the one who made the universe:

"God, I really wanted that! THIS is how I hoped that would go!" (like He didn't know)

This is something I experienced this week. You see, retail and I aren't best buddies. I don't mind it so much, but when it comes to selling something, I'm not so great. Being cheerful and kinda fake and making conversation... well, I use the excuse that I was homeschooled and therefore lack the know-how.

So I went to another interview last week (the day after I started my job). They said they'd call Friday or Monday.

We prayed that God would show where I should be. Because the hours at the other job were better, the schedule was more fitting, and the job wasn't something I was uncomfortable doing, I pretty much expected a call back. When the job I currently have didn't call me with my schedule for the week, I thought "Oh how perfect!"

I called job #2 today. Twice. No answer.

Then the phone rang.

"Lindsay? Hey! So here's your work schedule for the week"


Maybe God's plan isn't my ideal. Maybe He doesn't have to say "yes" every single time. Maybe, just maybe, prayer isn't about me getting what I want after all.

Maybe I'm going to be selling clothes for a little while.

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  1. :-) funny the way God works sometimes.
    Heard this quote on the radio yesterday, "prayer is about getting God to change His mind, but allowing God to change ours."
    and... i think you will be a great little clothes-seller! At least for now, aye? :-) love and miss you!


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