Tuesday, January 4, 2011

That Conversation in the Car

I work closely with a person that gets on everyone's nerves.

And you can keep reading because I'm not going to talk about why.

Tonight, we had a work meeting. Someone is going to get laid off in the next couple weeks due to lack of enrollment. Just for a month or two, hopefully, but it looks like that's what is going to happen. Pray for that!

Not the point.

After said meeting, I offered to take a co-worker to the Plaza downtown to catch her bus. She agreed, preferring a warm car to a cold, dark bus stop. We began to talk, because even though we do work closely, we don't just sit there and chat. I was enjoying the talk, so I offered to take her all the way home. During the course of the conversation, it came out that she used to be a Christian.

Naturally, I was curious.

Apparently, she's been doing some thinking, processing what she's been brought up to believe, what she knows of the world, the way she wishes things would be...
and all that has lead to calling herself a "Pagan". I've heard the term but honestly thought it just meant a person who didn't believe in anything at all. Shows how much I know.

According to the dictionary (seriously, I didn't know!), a pagan is someone who holds a polytheistic religion... (Note: Polytheistic religions are those that believe in either lots of gods or just more than one... Buddhism, Wiccan...).

So anyway, she's not super sure what she believes, but she's pretty turned off from Christianity. She threw that background away for her current beliefs and has gotten some flack from the  people in her church. She wasn't bitter, just matter-of-fact. I'm sure it would be awful to have been involved in a church and then just be burned by people you thought knew and loved you.

As you probably know by now, this person is the person mentioned in my first sentence. And you know, I'm kind of glad. She doesn't bother me as much as others have claimed that she annoyed them. And I work with her everyday, all day. And we had that long conversation in the car.

So I'm really glad that I do work with her, and that she's not just a random person I'll never see again. But I would like you to pray about this.

Why and what?
That I wouldn't be trying to proselytize: Um, does anyone like someone campaigning for what they believe in such a way that they can't get a breath of fresh air? I think not. I want to lend a listening ear for sure, and a mouth that speaks truth. Not in a way that offends her, but not in a wishy washy manner either. Speaking the truth in love, words seasoned with grace... that kind of thing.

That she would come into contact with the truth, and that it would be clear to her: She's not so sure of what she believes, so when truth hits her, I pray that she is ready to see it as truth. I pray that she will see God as God and His Word as truth, without bias or presupposition or the hypocrisy that yes, sadly does exist among the church.

That Jesus would pursue her: Does He love her? Yes. Does He desire a relationship with her? I have no doubt. Did He possibly put me in such close contact to pray for her and share Him with my life? Maybe! I pray that I would portray a Lord others would want to follow and that maybe they would as a result of me.
It feels way NOT humble to say such a thing, so I also ask that you pray for humility for me. This kind of thing freaks me out a little bit and I get so unsure... pray that I would be in the Word and guided by truth.

Please pray, and ask me about it! My "shyness" can sometimes lead to "being quiet about the important things"!

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