Monday, January 10, 2011

it's funny

Spokane, Washington.
It's funny to think that a place I didn't know existed has taken so much of my heart. Tons of firsts, tons of growth -- both spiritually and physically in a "hey-I'm-living-on-my-own" kind of way. Figuring out that to pay rent one must have money. To understand that budgets are lovely things to have before going to the store. To realize that shopping on an empty stomach is a bad idea... especially for said budget.

It's funny that this was just a bump on the road for my plans. That I would be here for a school year and then be gone, off to a bigger, windier city. Never would I have thought that I would change my plan, my direction, and choose to stay. And for a boy? Unthinkable. I've been here for two and a half years and though that's not a very long time, it's long enough to be familiar with this place, to consider it home.

It's funny to look ahead to the future. To think that this "bump on the road" has been such a joy, and that it will be hard to leave. That a school I've come to love will be left behind, and people who've entered its doors from near and far (like I have), will exit and go on to something else. We probably won't be here forever. We'll leave and maybe visit but this won't be home anymore. This is part of life as it is, but not life as it will be. It keeps going.

It's funny to think that there will be new lessons, new streets to ascertain, new city laws to figure out. There will be more apartments, more class registrations, and more moving boxes. There will be different people, plans, promises to trust.

Life isn't about staying in one place. It goes on. And whether it goes on and you live in the Northwest for the rest of your life or it goes on and you move to a different continent, country or school, change happens. Growth happens. And it's good.

Isn't it funny?


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