Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cows and Ice

Note that I did not say "Cows on ice".

Not that you were expecting that.


Anyway, this is how we spend the first day of the new year...

Taking a day trip

 to eastern Oregon

For no real reason but "why not?"
and because I've only been to western Oregon and there's lots to see
And even though there was a LOT of ice and snow on the roads 
(look at the left lane)

 through Idaho
 with lots of places to stop along the way
I was wearing my make-every-outfit-look-like-I'm-a-boy  awesome waterproof boots
(they really aren't that bad... and Carson was right about them being warmer)
 while Carson wore his hat (I think these hats look like Pluto's ears)
 where we took our time and took self-portraits
 and observed many snow covered, ice covered roads

and then we stopped to visit a herd of cows
we literally hung out there for fifteen minutes, trying to get them to come over.
I'm not trying to brag (yes I am) but Carson couldn't get them over and then I did.
They were won over by the sweetness of my voice
(I have a video)
My reward? A lick from a cow. And no way to clean my hand. Mmm... saliva...

This was my new friend. I couldn't decide if she was angry or interested.

we decided to chronicle our awesome first day of the new year with these guys.
our noses were red. it was -1 degrees. that is cold!

they still look a little angry to me. maybe it was the snowball Carson threw?

 We also saw lots of deer. And some elk, but they were far away.

 And we stopped in this "town" (there was one restaurant/laundromat/bathhouse/bar/hotel and some campsites owned by the one establishment for crazy people hunters)

 And that's all we did in Oregon.
We passed some really elaborate Christmas light set-ups in Idaho's parks. This is the best picture I have.

And then I fell asleep because I was totally car sick around all the mountain roads that went up and down and twisted. And I fall asleep when I'm frustrated or feeling bad.

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